Liverpool – World Heritage status lost

The ‘3 Graces’ on Liverpool waterfront taken from the new Museum of Liverpool

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Well, as being struck off has been flagged up for quite some years now, the actual removal of World Heritage status almost comes as no surprise. However, I don’t think this backwards step for Liverpool and indeed the whole City Region can be looked at as an isolated matter because for me the governance of Liverpool, which has been so criticised of late, must be a factor (if not a significant factor) in how the city has found itself on the naughty step.

Paul McCartney Concert at Anfield 2008

The heady days of the 2008 European Capital of Culture seem to be a lifetime away, yet it was only 13 years ago! My feeling is that the leadership of Liverpool City Council during recent years is at the heart of this matter. Inward investment is of course crucial for any major city but has Liverpool made the right choices at the right time and with the right investors? I suspect not and the recent governance report (Caller Report) on the City Council may well be a pointer to the failings.

Also, as a regular reader of Peter Kilfoyle’s blog – KILFOYLEONPOLITICS, which has been predicting for some years the mess Liverpool was getting into, has been and indeed still is a sobering experience for me. And I say that as someone who is not of the same politics as Kylfole yet realises that what he has been shouting from the rooftops for a very long time has been all but ignored until turning a blind eye and a deaf ear was no longer possible for the powers that be.

No, looking at the loss of World Heritage status in isolation will lead to the wrong conclusions in my view. Getting the prestigious award back needs to be part of solving the far wider troubles in which the City Council finds itself.

Footnote 4th August – There’s a Guardian podcast on this matter but it will probably not go down well with those who are content with Liverpool losing World Heritage Status –

I must say I have been surprised by the significant reaction of many Liverpool folk who are quite ok with losing the WH status and who feel it was a badge of little value.

Superlambanana – Remember them in Liverpool – Capital of Culture 2008

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I recently found a photo that I took back in 2008 and then on a recent visit to Merseyside Police HQ I saw their Superlambanana in the reception area which certainly catches the eye even though it is unlikely to catch any criminals.

Outside Liverpool Lime Street railway Station in 2008

Outside Liverpool Lime Street railway Station in 2008

In Merseyside Police HQ

In Merseyside Police HQ

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McCartney – Remembering Capital of Culture 2008

The recent story (see link above) about Paul McCartney re-starting his USA tour, on the BBC web site, reminded me of when Jen and I went to see him perform at Liverpool’s Anfield Football Ground as part of the 2008 European Capital of Culture celebrations in the City.

I took this photo during the concert:-


Those were great days indeed for the City of Liverpool. Gaining the European Capital of Culture award for 2008 marked a big turn around in its fortunes after years of decline as a major UK port. So much has changed since then, with cruise liners returning to the port and Liverpool being a hugely popular tourist destination in its own right these days.

And the McCartney concert? Jen and I had a great time sat in a world famous stadium being used on that occasion for something very much nothing to do with football.

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