Population of England to reach 61m by 2037 – It’s an environmental crisis

According to estimates from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) the population of England is projected to grow at double the pace of the rest of the UK over the next 23 years. By 2037 it is estimated that more than 61m people will live in England – a rise of 16%. In contrast, 1.9m will reside in Northern Ireland (up 10%), 5.7m will live in Scotland (+9%) and some 3.2m people will make their home in Wales (+8%). Almost two thirds of the increase will be a result of immigration, either through newcomers arriving or the increased birth rate of migrants who have arrived in recent years.

The Times, Page: 15 – 5th June 2014

My problem with this issue is the environmental effect. We are a small island that can’t, in my view, continue to sustain an ever expanding population whatever the cause of that expansion may be. A rising population leads to more housing being built on high grade agricultural land, which in turn makes us a less sustainable nation for food production.

I don’t subscribe to the UKIP and right wing Tory view which I think tries to make racism more palatable. This is not a race issue it is a significant environmental, green and sustainability issue that we ignore at our peril.