National Governors’ Association: Abolish Christian assemblies

Laws requiring schools to hold a religious assembly every day should be scrapped because they are “meaningless” in a multicultural society, according to The National Governors’ Association (NGA). The NGA said the 70-year-old legislation – requiring pupils to take part in a “broadly Christian” act of daily collective worship – should be abolished in non–religious schools amid concern that the rules are no longer fit for a 21st-century education system. In a policy statement, the group said schools often failed to meet the requirement because staff were “unable or unwilling” to lead pupils in prayer and schools struggled to accommodate large numbers of children in one hall.

From The Daily Telegraph

Amen to that I say! It is not the job of schools to meddle in religion. As I have said before having or not having a religion is in this day and age one of personal choice. It should not be handed down in a family, preached at school or be any part of Government.

I don’t have a religion but I support the right of others to have one of their choice. But please let’s disestablish the Church of England and put it on the same footing as all other religions – it’s time to move on and this statement from the NGA is a welcome step in the right direction.

Thanks to the LGiU for the lead to this article.