NHS funding crisis which will get worse with Brexit!


The Liverpool Echo has the story on its web site – see link above

And we should not be surprised because we all know the NHS is close to breaking point. What’s more the prospects are for things to get worse with Brexit!

So sad that our political leaders both in Government and in the Official Opposition are both ploughing on with Brexit when they know it will further cripple vital public services.

You can’t have a great NHS if the economy is broken; wake up smell the coffee. Time for rank and file Tory and Labour members to get a grip of their political parties whose Leaderships seem determined to chuck us all over the economic cliff of Brexit and the NHS with it.

Merseyside NHS facing huge cuts with A&E departments being downgraded!



The Liverpool Echo has the story – see link above

Goodness me this a serious issue; our NHS is going to the dogs and we have to fight for it. It’s under great pressure and increased demands so the solution is to cut back its services! That’s the politics of the mad house.

There’s already a petition doing the rounds about A&E cuts at Southport Hospital but Merseycare Trust and Aintree Hospitals Trusts are also slated for cuts. If we don’t fight for the NHS now when will we?

I’m not opposed to sorting out the NHS bureaucracy and reducing management costs and waste but cutting back A&E and direct patient services has to be opposed.

The Southport A&E petition can be accessed via this link:-


Please sign it and indeed other petitions that circulate trying to protect our NHS from such cuts.

NHS – Aintree Hospitals Trust – The growing funding crisis



The Liverpool Echo has the story – see link above

We all know the NHS is in a deep crisis through lack of funding and here’s some local evidence of that crisis c/o a report in the Liverpool Echo.

Those Brexiters who promised an extra £350m per week for the NHS need to make good on that promise and quick too.

Fazakerly Hospital A&E – A terrible account of how the NHS is at breaking point


This is a real story and the events are from last weekend. I reproduce it in the words of the relative of the unfortunate injured person who has given me permission to publish it. Obviously I have taken out any names.


Still stunned about the appalling new Fazakerley A&E experience on Saturday night. My mum goes in by ambulance after a nasty fall and is in sooo much pain she is on gas n air. She arrives at the hospital to find there are no wheel chairs or trolleys left so the ambulance staff are told to put her on chair in the main waiting area where she is left without pain relief. By the way some muppet has put the new A&E on the 2nd floor!! She eventually gets triaged after having to walk to cubicles. Then is sent back to main waiting area where a doctor then nips out to see whether she needs an X-ray in front of everyone in waiting area. Then we are asked to take her for an X-ray as there are no porters. Oh it gets better then I’m asked can we escort a drunken man with a head injury bleeding to X-ray with us! After the X-ray I have to ask God knows how many times can she have some pain relief. By the time she gets pain relief and to see a doctor hours have gone by. She then is told she has a complex spiral fracture of the bone between her elbow and shoulder. I think she will get sorted now. Oh how wrong I was. She gets a pathetic sling and told she can go home till the morning……… We are informed the trauma team will meet in the morning to decide if she needs an operation then ring us. Oh and from 4am she can’t drink or eat as she may have op Sunday. Well my poor mum is in agony at home. We get a call Sunday am to say she prob won’t need op but will see consultant Monday. I say she can’t be left another night in this pain plus we are struggling with a 3 year old and 10 week baby as well as mum and I’m told just get through today. Monday comes there is no record she has appt when we get to hosi and the saga continues. Won’t bore you with more details of how rubbish it was. The end result is she got bloody awful break has a huge brace fitted and will be in it for 9 weeks so can’t move her left top side. No support to help her so good job she moved in with us!! The care was soooo shit I just can’t believe it. Individually the majority of nurses and doctors were good but the organisation was crap. I’m no medical person but I could organise it better. Stunned……….

NHS – Waiting times at A&E Aintree Hospital

This is a serious matter with hospitals across the UK struggling to meet targets to deal with A&E patients on time. Below is an worrying and quirky reflection on the situation at Aintree Hospital put in footballing terms and with a potentially even more worrying possibility after Maghull ‘New Town’ etc. is built as a consequence of Sefton’s Councils Local Plan. Massive amounts of house building without any guarantee that the infrastructure will be either there or able to cope is one hell of a big risk but that is Sefton’s direction of travel under Labour!

By chance I was looking at N.H.S. A&E waiting time stats for last week. The government target is 95% attended to in 4 hours. The National average last week was 91.5%, whilst Aintree Hospital achieved a mere 82.3%, making it 105th out of 140 trusts nationally. In football terms, halfway down the “Vanarama Conference” division.

I can’t help thinking that once they have built 4,000 plus houses in Maghull ,Lydiate and Aintree plus distribution centres etc and huge lorries up and down Dunnings Bridge and the new link road, how long will the waiting time be then. To continue the football analogy, Aintree A&E will probably be at the bottom of the “Zingari Sunday Football league,( old boys ,division 2).

Food for thought and concern indeed. With thanks to Malcolm Gore for sending me his considered thoughts.