Melling – Remember ‘The Chesterfield’?

The Chesterfield was a banqueting Suite/restaurant for want of a better description on Prescot Road in Melling, near to the junction with Cunscough Lane. The building was originally a school (St. Mary’s RC Primary School which closed in the 1970’s?) and the banqueting suite/restaurant itself closed around 2000?

The site has now been redeveloped as a large house and here’s a couple of photos of it with an appropriate plaque/datestone reflecting back to what used to be on the site.

The building as it was until the recent redevelopment – Photo Credit Rightmove

From talking to a Melling resident who lives nearby I think I have pieced together the rough history of this site. There seems to have been a link between the former school with St. Mary’s RC Church (of which more in a subsequent posting) just over the civil parish border and further along Prescot Road into Aughton. Also, the old school and indeed the restaurant/banqueting building was used as a polling station in elections until a few years ago.

But that about exhausts all the information that is readily available, unless of course anyone out there can fill in the gaps. Comments, additions and corrections gratefully received.

With thanks to Alan Thompson for his help with this posting

When Harold Shipman and Peter Sutcliffe met in Aughton!

Not a meeting of the real people of course but strange none the less.

Sat in our usual watering hole recently old chum Keith and I fall into conversation with Alan a chap we have known for some time from visiting Aughton’s Derby Arms.

We knew Alan was a amateur actor but had not realised he does more than just tread the boards locally. In fact he has been an extra in some TV dramas and even played Harold Shipman in a TV ducu-drama a few years ago!

Our conversation inevitably went on to other notorious criminals and it leads me to tell the tale of my walking into the former and now long-gone Maghull restaurant – Chasers. Chasers was next to the Red Lion canal bridge and it is now a Greek restaurant having gone through a few incarnations since the Chasers days.

The happening? Me walking in and the then owner, a South African chap if memory serves, saying hello Sutcliffe and everyone in the place turning around to look! You see back then in the 1980’s I had a much bushier head of hair and beard and Peter Sutcliffe, K/A the Yorkshire Ripper, had been placed in nearby Ashworth Hospital.

That joke was just a little too near the knuckle so the next day my hair and beard were cut shorter.

And that’s the pub talk story of the meeting between ‘Shipman’ and ‘Sutcliffe’ in Aughton.