Altcar Rifle Station

I blogged about this former railway station just to the north of the present Hightown Station on Merseyrail’s Northern Line between Liverpool and Southport not so long ago. My previous posting is available via the link below:-

I have now taken a photo of the remains of the former station’s platforms and it’s below. They can be clearly seen from the footpath/cycle path that runs from Hightown to Formby.

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Altcar Rifle Range Station

Yes there really was once a station serving the rifle range but it closed for good in 1921.

The Station was only a third of a mile north of the present Hightown Station (on the modern-day Merseyrail Liverpool – Southport line) and if my eyes were not deceiving me I am sure I could make out the brickwork of one of the platforms when I cycled by the site recently.

The station opened in 1862 and was called ‘Hightown Rifle Station’ but was renamed ‘Altcar Rifle Range’ in 1886.

A small narrow gauge munitions tramway ran from the station into the firing range.

I recently purchased a photo of the station and here it is:-

Click on the photo to enlarge it

And here’s a present day view looking north towards where Altcar Rifle Range Station would have been from the road over-bridge where North End Lane crosses the line above Hightown Station’s platforms:-