Talking up division in society will lead to trouble

Above is a link to a BBC web site page and it is an issue for considerable thought. Talking up division in society is not clever whether it comes from Trump, UKIP or anyone else, indeed that kind of talk can lead to all sorts of problems for any society and it can even start wars.

Quote from article ‘Politicians who have used a divisive and dehumanised rhetoric are creating a more divided and dangerous world, says rights group Amnesty International.’

With thanks to Roy Connell for the lead to this posting

Hillsborough, the Human Rights Act and here’s an example of post-truth politics

The Liverpool Echo has the story – see link above

You really could not have made this up prior to 2016 but in our new post-truth politics era this kind of thing becomes sadly unsurprising.

The Human Rights Act was used to uncover vital information in the quest for the truth regarding the appalling Hillsborough disaster so that’s a good thing and it is true. What is wrong with repeating the truth please Network Rail?

Yes we know that Mrs May, who wants to reduce our rights by getting rid of the Act, will not like you displaying the Amnesty posters but should you give in to her post-truth views? No you should not.

Running scared of a Government and by implication displaying only what it would or would not want to see is how dictatorships and fascism take root. We are supposed to be a free country.