Liverpool – St. James Station must reopen

The Liverpool Echo has the story – see link above

Glad to see that folks are lining up to press for this long lost station to be reopened. I have blogged about it previously – see link below:-

Of course Andrew Makinson is once again a member of Liverpool City Council so a long-time champion of this project is not hard to find.

Liverpool Airport – Is this really a good investment for cash-strapped Liverpool City Council?

The Liverpool Echo has the story – see link above

We all want Liverpool Airport to do well but the reality is that it has been a money looser for many years. So when we hear that Liverpool City Council, which say it does not have a Penny to bless itself with, is about to put money into the potentially continuing black hole it makes you wonder.

What’s more it’s not so long ago (just 6 months actually) that KPMG the auditors for John Lennon Airport said, for want of better words, that it was then a struggling concern. See the link below from my colleague Andrew Makinson on Twitter:-

Spending large amounts of money on speculative investments and paying Joe Anderson’s legal fees whilst moaning that the City Council is all but broke indicates, at best, a confused lack of clear priority setting for the spending of the City Council’s scarce resources in my view.

Liverpool – St. James Station

The Liverpool Echo has the story – see link above


Not to be confused with Liverpool’s James Street Station. This is an interesting railway story which I hope will have a positive outcome. However, am I not right in thinking that the original modern day proposal to reopen/rebuild this station actually came from former Liverpool City Cllr. Andrew Makinson via a Liverpool Vision strategy document back in 2000 and that he also pursued this matter when he sat on the Passenger Transport Authority for Merseyside – Merseytravel? Andrew’s contribution to this debate should not be overlooked.