Alastair Campbell’s guide to surviving isolation

Like Gordon Brown and ex-US President Jimmy Carter, Alastair Campbell is someone we’ve probably come to respect far more after they’ve left the top job which made them famous. I’m sure there are other examples you can think of too.

I like this 20 point guide by Alastair on how to survive isolation. Go on have a read and look past the politician you maybe once cared little for as he is far more than that. Here’s a link to his blog article that may just help you through the coming weeks:-

But look at number 9 again and then look at this video:-

Yes Campbell and Kennedy were good friends and what a haunting tribute to his old chum…….

And the photo at the head of this posting? Because it is peaceful and tranquil………..

Mental Health – This brave young woman is making positive strides

The BBC has England Cricketer Sarah Taylor’s story on its web site see link above

Suffering from a mental health issue when you are in the public eye must be really tough so I have great admiration for those sportspeople who fight their way through it and have the courage to speak out because that helps others cope too.

MP’s like Norman Lamb are championing mental health and there seems to be cross-party backing to make it an NHS priority. Lets hope those enlightened MP’s succeed in their quest in the next Parliament.