Arriva 300 Liverpool – Southport via Lydiate Route

An Arriva 300 bus at the Meadows bus stop, Maghull.

A recent conversation with a Maghull resident made me aware that there are concerns that weekday afternoon 300 Arriva buses are not necessarily reliable and it made me think. Think because I have previously heard concerns being raised about the unreliability of the 300 bus on weekday afternoons. Is this a common issue? I’d like to hear from any users of the route, so please get in touch.

Coincidentally, I’ve also picked up a copy of a recent report from Mike Perkins of OPSTA (Ormskirk, Preston and Southport Travellers Association) on the sate of bus services in and around Southport and he also makes mention of the 300 route. This is what he says:-

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I understand that Mike was previously involved in managing some local bus services so he’ll know what he is talking about and I thought his comments on the 300 route were worth sharing.

300 Arriva bus route – more timetable changes coming

An Arriva bus at the Meadows bus stop

I have blogged about changes to the 300 bus route previously. My last posting is available via the link below:-

However, it seems that more changes may well be on the way from 21st January although what those changes will be I am presently unsure.

A local resident e-mailed me about the potential changes and this is what they said:-

I note that Arriva intend to amend the timetable of the above, as per this notice:
Operating between Southport,Union Street and Liverpool City Centre given service number 300 / 300 effective from 21 January 2018. To amend Timetable.

As the deadline for objections is 20th December, I suspect no details as to what the amendments are will be available on line until after then. I trust it will be only minor adjustments and nothing too drastic!

Watch this space, I will pass on any further information I become aware of.

Thanks to Kevin for the lead to this posting

300 Bus Route – KGV College is the reason for the timetable changes say Arriva

An Arriva bus at The Meadows stop in Maghull

My previous posting of a few days ago (accessible via the link below) refers:-

Arriva have now got back to me and they says this:-

‘The depot [Southport] have confirmed that the bus service has reverted to the time it ran prior to the changes in April. This revision has been implemented based on the KGV College in Southport not serving the college. The service timetabled has been altered to ensure that the college is served and the students have an ample bus service to attend their place of study.’

So now we know why the soon to be implemented changes in the timetable are taking place.

300 bus route – Arriva are fiddling with the timing again but why?

An Arriva bus at The Meadows stop in Maghull

It has been brought to my attention that from 3rd September, Arriva intend to re-time the 300 route buses for their Monday-Friday (weekday) journeys to run 5 minutes later throughout.

This will take them nearer to the 310 journey times, which seems to fly in the face the objective that was set with the timetable revisions made back in April this year.

I wonder why Arriva is making this change? I am making enquiries.

With thanks to Kevin for bringing this matter to my attention

Lydiate – An NHS back water with little in the way of public transport to get to major NHS facilities

There are no GP’s or dentists in Lydiate, the only dentist closed not so long ago. That in itself is unfortunate but if you look at the direct public transport links from Lydiate to the major local NHS facilities the picture is also poor.

This is me with the Lydiate & Maghull resident's petition in 2015 at a 311 bus stop in Lydiate. The petition was not collected by me I would add but by the hard work of locals concerned about the loss of this Arriva route to Ormskirk. The battle was sadly lost.

This is me with the Lydiate & Maghull resident’s petition in 2015 at a 311 bus stop in Lydiate. The petition was not collected by me I would add but by the hard work of locals concerned about the loss of this Arriva route to Ormskirk. The battle was sadly lost.

Lydiate (along with Aintree Village & Maghull) lost the 311 bus route in 2015 which linked it with Ormskirk and of course its hospital. Yes the 310 Liverpool – Ormskirk route just skims the eastern edge of Lydiate but its a long trek for most Lydiate residents to get to a bus stop for it on the A59.

Lydiate (together with Maghull, Melling and Aintree Village) has no direct public transport link to Litherland NHS Walk-In Centre, indeed it never has had such a link despite calls for one. I recall saying, when the Walk-In Centre first opened in the early 2000’s, that it could not reasonably be seen to serve the Eastern Parishes of Sefton Borough because of the lack of direct public transport links to it. Of course we were also fighting for a Walk-In Centre to be provided in Maghull at the time and even got to the stage of the NHS allocating money to rebuild Maghull Health Centre with provision for a Walk-In facility. But then out of the blue the NHS pulled the plug on the project for reasons that have never been satisfactorily explained. I was of course pleased when Maghull Councillor Matt Gannon relaunched the campaign for a Walk-In Centre in Maghull in 2016. I also understand that Maghull Town Council will be including such an aim in its draft Neighbourhood Plan for the Town.

Lydiate’s link to Fazakerley Hospital has been via the 236 bus route in recent years. However, this route is no longer serving Lydiate as a consequence of Merseytravel confirming their Sefton Bus Review proposals recently. This is quite obviously a blow to Lydiate folks visiting friends and relatives by bus in that hospital.

Now the Sefton Bus Review proposals have been confirmed Lydiate’s only direct bus link with a major NHS facility will be via the 300 bus route to Southport and of course its hospital.

The last Chairman of Lydiate Parish Council, Dave Russell, tried every possible way possible to get an NHS facility within Lydiate Village Centre when planning for the new centre was at an early stage but the NHS managed to slip from his grasp there too.

Yes for me Lydiate is sadly an NHS back water both in terms of facilities in the community and with regard to direct public transport links to local hospitals and Walk-In Centres.

Stop Press – I had written this posting a while back but had not got around to finishing it of for publication. Then last night at Lydiate Parish Council’s Neighbourhood Plan meeting the very same issues came up and there seemed to be broad consensus that another attempt to gain NHS primary care facilities within Lydiate had to be made. Let’s hope such a plan will win the day this time around.

300 Bus Route – Liverpool – Southport via Aintree Village/Maghull/Lydiate

An Arriva bus at The Meadows stop in Maghull

Merseytravel have posted a revised timetable, effective from 23rd April, for the Arriva 300 bus route on their website. Here’s a link to it:-

The timings will change (so check out the new April timetable if you are a regular user) and evening journeys have been introduced between Liverpool and Lydiate supported/subsidised by Merseytravel.

In a world full of bad news, not least about our declining bus services, here’s a bit of good news. BUT could this well be a case of a ‘use it or lose it’ situation?

With thanks to Kevin for the lead to this posting.