Arriva 300 Liverpool – Southport via Lydiate Route

An Arriva 300 bus at the Meadows bus stop, Maghull.

A recent conversation with a Maghull resident made me aware that there are concerns that weekday afternoon 300 Arriva buses are not necessarily reliable and it made me think. Think because I have previously heard concerns being raised about the unreliability of the 300 bus on weekday afternoons. Is this a common issue? I’d like to hear from any users of the route, so please get in touch.

Coincidentally, I’ve also picked up a copy of a recent report from Mike Perkins of OPSTA (Ormskirk, Preston and Southport Travellers Association) on the sate of bus services in and around Southport and he also makes mention of the 300 route. This is what he says:-

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I understand that Mike was previously involved in managing some local bus services so he’ll know what he is talking about and I thought his comments on the 300 route were worth sharing.

Northern Rail – Just why are their services struggling to deliver and who’s going to fix things?

I guess many of passengers using Northern Rail in recent times will have asked themselves this question. Cancelled trains due to a lack of rolling stock and or drivers/guards seem to be an everyday occurrence nowadays and of course, as with Merseyrail, Northern are deeply into industrial action with rail union RMT over loss of train guards on new rolling stock.

I’m told that locally cancelled trains on the Ormskirk – Preston Line are now a common occurrence, but it’s clear that Northern’s problems extend over the whole franchise area and it must be the case that Arriva, who own the Northern Rail franchise, are under pressure.

That northern MP’s are getting to the end of their tether with Northern is to be expected as their constituents fill the MP’s post bags with stories of poor performance. That frustration amongst northern MP’s leads to this (see link below):-

And of course we have seen that the services on the Southport – Wigan – Manchester line are soon to go into Manchester Victoria Station, with few going to Manchester Piccadilly and none to Manchester Airport anymore.

All in all it seems that Northern’s passengers have a lot to be unhappy about but how are the problems going to get fixed?

300 Arriva bus route – more timetable changes coming

An Arriva bus at the Meadows bus stop

I have blogged about changes to the 300 bus route previously. My last posting is available via the link below:-

However, it seems that more changes may well be on the way from 21st January although what those changes will be I am presently unsure.

A local resident e-mailed me about the potential changes and this is what they said:-

I note that Arriva intend to amend the timetable of the above, as per this notice:
Operating between Southport,Union Street and Liverpool City Centre given service number 300 / 300 effective from 21 January 2018. To amend Timetable.

As the deadline for objections is 20th December, I suspect no details as to what the amendments are will be available on line until after then. I trust it will be only minor adjustments and nothing too drastic!

Watch this space, I will pass on any further information I become aware of.

Thanks to Kevin for the lead to this posting

300 Bus Route – KGV College is the reason for the timetable changes say Arriva

An Arriva bus at The Meadows stop in Maghull

My previous posting of a few days ago (accessible via the link below) refers:-

Arriva have now got back to me and they says this:-

‘The depot [Southport] have confirmed that the bus service has reverted to the time it ran prior to the changes in April. This revision has been implemented based on the KGV College in Southport not serving the college. The service timetabled has been altered to ensure that the college is served and the students have an ample bus service to attend their place of study.’

So now we know why the soon to be implemented changes in the timetable are taking place.

300 bus route – Arriva are fiddling with the timing again but why?

An Arriva bus at The Meadows stop in Maghull

It has been brought to my attention that from 3rd September, Arriva intend to re-time the 300 route buses for their Monday-Friday (weekday) journeys to run 5 minutes later throughout.

This will take them nearer to the 310 journey times, which seems to fly in the face the objective that was set with the timetable revisions made back in April this year.

I wonder why Arriva is making this change? I am making enquiries.

With thanks to Kevin for bringing this matter to my attention

Lydiate – Arriva and the 300 bus that did not stop on Southport Road

My previous posting of 26th November refers – see link above

I had an e-mail from Arriva yesterday asking me to contact them about this incident, so today I rang them. Frankly, although the chap I spoke to was trying to be helpful I did not really make much progress in gaining a clear understanding of why that Southport bound 300 did not stop for the elderly lady who was clearly waiting for it and had her hand out for the bus to stop.

The nearest thing I got towards an understanding was that because of the close proximity of the temporary traffic lights this supposedly meant that the bus driver did not have to stop or that he may even have been precluded from doing so by statute/law!

Trouble is it is now a month since the incident, I did not take a photo of the scene (as I was driving at the time) and Arriva therefore can’t assess whether their driver should have stopped or not.

What I can say is that there was no obvious closure of the bus stop and there was no temporary bus stop anywhere to be seen at the time.

What nags at me though is that I watched the bus driver looking straight ahead and not making any attempt to stop or to acknowledge the old lady at the Nedens Lane bus stop.

I am still unhappy at Arriva’s customer service but what can I do other than keep an eye on them in the future?