Bootle in the Blitz

Sheila and I attended another packed out talk at Crosby Library last Wednesday, this time all about the Second World War Blitz of Bootle and its docks.

It was a compelling talk with a lot of information to take in despite the talk leader saying it was only a broad brush overview of the bombing of Bootle.

There were people in the audience who had lived through the Blitz and/or had lost relatives in it.

One matter covered was the bombing of Bedford Road School and the fact that the clock in the school stopped at the time the bombs landed on it. That clock is on display in the foyer of Bootle Town Hall and I recall seeing it there many times during my time as a Sefton Councillor – A sobering clock to stand and look at when you understand its history. Surprisingly, when the talk leader asked if anyone had seen the clock in the Town Hall I got the impression that I may have been only one of very few present who had. Here’s a link to one of my previous postings that covers the clock:-

I have blogged previously about the effect of the Blitz on Bootle and here’s a link back to another posting and the memorial on Ash Street:-

Thank you and well done to the staff of Crosby Library for this well put together talk about the dark days of the Second World War in Bootle.

Note:- During the talk a chap got up and if I understood him correctly he was saying that ‘it was all lies’ or words to that effect. With that he walked out and I wondered, probably together with the rest of the audience, what that was all about?

Bootle – Ash Street Baptist Church

Those who know me well will realise that I don’t have a religion so may be wondering why am I taking photo’s of the inside of a Baptist Church. The answer is that I like church architecture in its many forms and regular readers of this site will note that I have covered other churches in my posts.

My reason for going to Ash Street was hardly religious either; it was where my branch of PCS trade union held its AGM. Indeed, it has been having meetings in this church for many years but in my time as Branch Secretary I was always too busy at the meetings to really take notice of the features in the church. Now I am a lay union member with no responsibilities I allowed my eye to wander during the recent meeting.

You could say the architecture is simple but this is a Baptist church when all said and done. However, the organ with its wooden surround is interesting as is the construction of the roof with its huge wooden arches.

Here are a couple of photos I took after the meeting was over:-

Ash Street Baptist Church 1r

Ash Street Baptist Church 2r

The photos are amongst my Flickr shots at:-

Ash Street Bootle – A modern memorial to those killed in a IIWW bombing raid

Not far from Bootle New Strand Shopping Centre you can find this memorial, indeed it is behind Sefton Council’s Stanley Road One Stop Shop.

A well designed modern memorial.



The photos are also amongst my Flickr shots at:-