Maghull – That new bandstand the community is getting

Now call me a kill-joy and an old misery guts if you wish but my issue over this bandstand business, apart from there being little if any call for one amongst the community, is that Maghull’s KGV Park is reasonably small and in effect surrounded by residential properties on 3 sides – Brendale Avenue, Liverpool Road South and Bailey Way off Hall Lane.

The other day I had a look at the traditional bandstand that sits in Ormskirk’s Coronation Park – I appreciate that the one Maghull Town Council is to construct is likely to be far more modern in appearance and probably/possibly much larger.

What struck me about the Ormskirk park is that it is much larger and that residential property is quite some distance away.

Yes I know that Maghull TC has issued all kinds of assurances about the Police being on hand to deal with issues but bearing in mind how stretched the Police are these days, how realistic are these assurances?

Sorry I see trouble brewing here but I certainly hope that I am wrong.

Maghull – Whatever happened to the £250,000 that Maghull Town Council was sat on?

First, a bit of history to put this matter in its correct historical context. My posting of 7th December 2014 refers – see link below:-

Well we have moved on to February 2016 since then and little or nothing has seemingly happened despite the big promises of 2014. No bandstand (but folks living in Liverpool Road South and Brendale Avenue are probably grateful for that I guess), no big investment is new play equipment across Maghull’s parks and no progress on the plant heritage centre.

Maghull Town Hall

This latter project, when I got to the bottom of it, always struck me as being of some considerable merit. It was being put forward by a local resident who is an award winning plant expert. I understand that, some 18 months or more on, the chap was still awaiting a definitive answer as to whether his proposals will be supported or not.

As a bit more context the cash, just shy of £250,000, is called Section 106 money and you have probably picked up from the link to my previous posting above that it came from those ‘planning gain’ negotiations going back to 2008.

So the £250,000 question is, why has this large pot of money, meant for environmental improvements in Maghull seemingly been all but forgotten about? Yes, projects like the proposed KGV Park bandstand are controversial and potentially unwelcome but my point is, why has the money been sat in the bank when big promises were made by Labour-run Maghull Town Council about what it would be spent on back in 2014?

When will we hear of this money again?

Is Maghull’s greatest priority – a bandstand?

I have commented previously about this and frankly I can’t get my head around it at all.

In these days of Councils being short of a few bob why do Labour think that a bandstand, to be built in Maghull’s KGV Park, is a priority?

Yes, they have started some consultation on the matter but when Maghull Town Council struggles to fund deserving community voluntary projects why look to invest scarce resources in this way?

Alternatively, you could say with £500,000 in the bank why has Maghull TC cut back on its support for voluntary projects such as Maghull in Bloom?