Lydiate – That Coppull Road pavement or the lack of it

I blogged about the rather strange lack of a pavement on a part of Coppull Road in Lydiate not so long back. It’s opposite the junction with Barnes Drive and its been like this ever since the estate was built. My concern is pedestrian safety and you can access my original blog posting via this link:-

The response from Sefton Council’s Highways Dept. was that due to financial cut-backs they no long have a budget to undertake such remedial works to address this short section of missing pavement. An unsurprising response which is very much of our austerity times sadly. I do have sympathy with the Council here by the way, as I realise how short of money they are.

Well at least I’ve put it on Sefton Council’s radar and lets hope that there’s no accident at this location before the money does become available to right a long-term pedestrian wrong.

Lydiate – Why this short stretch of Coppull Road with no pavement?

I’ve taken to doing a lot of cycling and walking around the Maghull & Lydiate area over the past year or so and you do see things from a very different perspective than when sat in the comfort of a car.

For instance why on earth when walking down Coppull Road do you need to trek over a grass verge, walk in the road or have to cross the road to the opposite pavement due to it being laid out with no footway for a short stretch? My photo illustrates:-

But it’s worse than that actually as the opposite side of the road is the junction with Barnes Drive!

A similar situation replicates a little further down the road where another grassed central reservation has no pavement at the edge of it either.

Oddly though taking a step back towards Haigh Crescent (behind the camera which took the photo above) there are pavements at the edge of the central reservation greens.

The estate was laid out many years ago so were there some cost cutting measures that led to the pavement problem, or was it because the building was done when cars were few are far between so pedestrians walking in the road was commonplace?

I have raised this matter with Sefton Council Highways Dept.

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