BBC – Why it’s lost it and become the Brexit Broadcasting Company

Like many I have long been one who has defended the BBC but because of it’s appalling coverage of the EU Referendum and subsequently it becoming little more than the Brexit Broadcasting Company I have lost all confidence in it. It’s obsession with Nigel Farage has done it great harm so as a consequence those of us who voted Remain and who were once backers of the BBC have just about given up all hope of it ever returning to informative and independent reporting.

And why do I say this now? Well the Radio Times 1st – 7th September edition carries a ‘Viewpoint’ article in the name of well known BBC reporter John Simpson and frankly it made me very angry.

Whether John was asked to write the piece or volunteered it, due to the pressure the BBC has been coming under?, I don’t know but he clearly and utterly fails to understand why the BBC is now looked upon in a very negative way by the very people who used to defend it from attacks of the mad right or left of UK politics.

John says in effect that the BBC has not changed but that those of who have turned against it have. In other words we are the problem and the BBC is not! No John, it’s not that we are upset because the BBC is presenting arguments that we disagree with, we are upset because the balance of the BBC’s news and current affairs output is heavily pro Brexit. That some of the BBC’s prominent presenters are seemingly pro-Brexit simply makes things worse from our perspective. Ignoring some pro-Remain events, attended by big crowds also mitigates against the BBC.

I’m sorry John but from my point of view and I suspect from many others too you are sadly defending the indefensible.

We don’t want a BBC that presents big issues on a one side says this the other says the opposite basis. We want the lies and the liars exposed, no matter who they are.

Media bias – You have to fight it or live with it as a Liberal

Media bias against Liberals has gone on for generations especially in the press; national certainly and locally too at times. The days of newspapers holding a Liberal line are long gone and it probably comes down to fact that journalists bringing their own political prejudices to the table as well as having to carry those of the paper’s owner. By the way I am not wishing to see a paper biased towards Liberal views as that would be replacing one prejudice with another; what I want to see is balanced reporting.

But then there’s the BBC, yes the BBC, because it seems to be at it too. On Friday 16th January Radio 4’s Any Questions is being broadcast from Greenbank High School in Southport and I have discovered that the programme has TWO well-known Tories and NO Lib Dem appearing.

My colleague and Southport Cllr. Tony Dawson says “This would be bad enough anywhere but in a town where 50 per cent voted Lib Dem at general election and 16 out of 21 councillors are Lib Dem it’s pathetic.”

For the record the advertised Tories are Anna Soubrey, Defence Minister and “Liverpool based textiles businessman Tony Caldeira.” who just happens to have been the Tory candidate in the Liverpool Mayor election.

You can bet that the BBC is getting complaints about this carry on!