Jim Hancock’s solution to the BBC conundrum

Former BBC and Liverpool Post reporter, political commentator and writer Nick Hancock seen here debating with Southport’s very own Cllr.Iain Brodie-Browne a while back.


Readers will be far from surprised to hear that I’m no fan of the BBC’s news/current affairs output of recent times, indeed at times this great institution has really angered me and sadly it continues to do so. In my view the BBC failed spectacularly during the EU Referendum and Brexit debate process to deal with political lies and fantasies. Just putting someone up who will say the direct opposite of someone peddling nonsense does not inform where the facts really are. The very recent BBC tweet giving publicity to a racist rant from Question Time shows that there’s at best questionable editorial control.

But despite holding such views I also know that the BBC is vitally important to our society and it is part of what makes us British. Yes reform the BBC but not on Johnson’s agenda or indeed any other biased politicians whim. That politicians in government or indeed out of it fear BBC journalism is good for our democracy. Politicians tell lies and the BBC’s job is to expose such lies. For fear of offending it seems the BBC has moved to a position whereby it simply gets another politician with an opposing view (however ill-informed it may also be) to ‘balance’ a story out. Not good enough and not what we expect of the BBC, get back to exposing the political liars and fantasists without hiding behind other political fibbers please.

So is Nick Hancock’s solution the right one? Certainly it has merit and is a calm and sober reaction from a well respected journalist and commentator. I’d like to see more analysis of the BBC and how it should move forward before I say yes to one way or another but please no scrapping of the BBC, that’s just what those who peddle falsehoods and prejudice want.