Brexit – Oh look a shortage of EU nurses!

The BBC Has the news on its web site – see link above

Sadly Brexiters are seemingly happy to see us have a nursing shortage as they desperately try to turn the UK into a nation with no friends. Of course it could also be that they did not think through the consequences of their actions as they led us towards the cliff edge.

I wonder if Brexiters would be prepared to go in a slow lane when they need to attend hospital? Just imagine being asked ‘did you vote for Brexit?’ at triage. You did, OK please go to that queue of there. It’s a much longer queue because we have ensured that there are no EU medical staff to interact with you. I bet Brexiters would soon change their tune and pretend they had not voted for Brexit!

Sadly, however, we are all in that NHS slowing down treatment lane due to the collective act of self-destruction created by the result of EU Referendum.

As Tom Brake MP tweeted recently:-

Brexiters promised to revitalise the NHS, but they’re killing it. 30,000 unfilled nursing posts, 96% drop in EU nurses registering to work.

Hate Crime – Rosie Cooper MP

The BBC has the story on its web site – see link above

I know Rosie Cooper because she has previously held public office as a Liberal Democrat Councillor in Liverpool (and as a Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate) before holding her present position in public life as Labour MP for West Lancashire. Can’t say I’ve spoken to her for some years now but it was quite a shock to see on TV last night that she has allegedly become a victim of hate crime.

Rosie and I may not share a common political agenda these days but for her to find herself being threatened like this is utterly appalling.

I’m guessing that the full story behind this will come out in court. My thoughts are with her.

Liverpool John Lennon Airport – Drop off charges 2nd most expensive

The BBC has the story on its web site – see link above

Liverpool Airport seems to be at a number of disadvantages in that it relies on cheap airlines for its customer base and they don’t like paying much for landing/take off fees and it has no rail/light rail/tram connection to Liverpool City Centre or to the nearest mainline station.

In such circumstances people get dropped off/picked up in large numbers at the airport for their travel. Would I be being unkind to say that this drop-off/pick-up traffic is being targeted as a income stream to balance the airport’s books?

Treating people with dignity and respect

The BBC has the video on its web site – see link above

A stirring speech indeed to US Air Force cadets over racist slurs, well done that man racists have to be challenged, they are evil.

With thanks to Roy Connell for the lead to this posting

How Canada became an education superpower

The BBC web site has the story – see link above

This is an interesting read in many ways and it makes you wonder why our UK education standards are generally so low when other western societies, like Canada, seem to have cracked it.

Could it be that our centralised control model (one size fits all) just does not work and that Canada via its far more decentralised processes finds ways to make education work for virtually all its young people?

New Runcorn – Widnes Bridge Fraud Scam

The BBC has the story on its web site – see link above

There does not seem to be much in the world of the Internet that is not open to fraud these days but locals who want to register to use the new Mersey Gateway Bridge need to be careful of this scam.