How people with a disability can be treated!

The BBC has this so sad and frustrating story on its web site – see link above

Stories like this make my blood boil; you just can’t understand how the shop assistant in Halfords came to do such a terrible thing. I feel for Halfords in some ways because this is a huge embarrassment for the company and you can’t in any way think that they would have wanted their assistant to act in the way they did.

I spent many years working with people who had a disability at the Maghull Homes/Parkhaven Trust in the 1980’s and early 1990’s and frankly I’m grateful for what I learned over that period. I met some lovely people, some who were unfortunately institutionalised, but they were people with disabilities and they became friends of mine.

All I can say to Halfords or indeed any other employer who has staff that interact with the public is train them not to fear or reject disabilities. Their job is to help people and that’s what we who are fortunate enough to be able-bodied customers expect to see being done. When we don’t see help being offered we take our business elsewhere!

Mirror buys Express!

The BBC has the story on its web site – see link above

Yes I know I scratched my head too! Trinity Mirror who publish Labour Party supporting newspapers like the Daily Mirror and Liverpool Echo are going to publish the Daily Express which often seems off to the Bluekip far right.

Our Trump/Brexit world gets stranger by the day.

Pacers are thankfully on their last legs or is that wheels

The BBC has the story on its web site – see link above

An alternative title for this posting could ‘Well John Pugh are you happy now?’ because during his time as MP for Southport John fought to get the appalling Pacer Trains replaced. To be fair many, many other people were on a similar track (sorry about the pun) but John made it onto a BBC North West TV programme about his fight to rid the rails of Pacers.

John has now returned to his political roots as a Sefton Councillor and leads the opposition on Sefton Council.

My previous relevant posting (amongst many!) about Pacers, because it links to the BBC TV programme that John Pugh appeared in, is accessible via the link below:-

John’s contribution to the programme is at about the 12 minute mark.

And here’s a video of the new trains being built in Spain:-

And this is why all schools should be non-religious

The BBC has the article on its web site – see link above

The fact that in this day and age the state encourages citizens to educate children in the religious atmosphere of the parents choosing is utterly bizarre to me. Religion is a personal thing not something to be passed down from one generation to the next.

That we end up with children being indoctrinated is bad enough but in a free society surely we don’t want up and coming generations to have closed minds do we? Surely it is wrong to try to force young minds to follow the same religious beliefs of parents/families.

Mersey Tunnels – When a toll reduction is a big let down!

The BBC has the story on its web site – see link above

Now what exactly was Steve Rotherham’s electoral pledge on Mersey Tunnels Tolls? Well I have listened carefully to the video on the Liverpool Echo web site from January 2017 and the pledge was very clear to me – Mr. Rotherham said he was going to reduce the cost of a single (Fast Tag) journey, for Liverpool City Region residents, through the tunnels to £1. No mention of it being only between 7pm at night and 7pm in the morning. Here’s the link to the Liverpool Echo article and video:-

So why has he watered down the pledge? Was it not fully thought through, costed and affordable when the pledge was made?

Is there any wonder folk lose faith in politicians who don’t deliver on pledges – Mr Clegg and his pledge to not increase Labour’s Tuition Fees comes to mind of course!

In my view tolls on tunnels and bridges should all be abolished and the cost of the upkeep of them funded from general taxation.