Liverpool – City Council plans £50m bid to revamp historic buildings

St. Luke's - Liverpool's famous WW2 'bombed-out' church.

St. Luke’s – Liverpool’s famous WW2 ‘bombed-out’ church.

The BBC has the story on its web site – see link above.

St Luke's catching the setting sun

St Luke’s catching the setting sun

This has to be a very welcome initiative. Liverpool has numerous historic buildings which help make the city so special and attracts more and more visitors to the City each year. Celebrating our historic buildings rather then demolishing them to replace with characterless modern warehouse type structures has to be the way forward.

Liverpool's world famous St. Georges Hall

Liverpool’s world famous St. Georges Hall

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Merseyside Police – So why can’t we be told how many ‘threat to life’ letters they sent out?

The BBC has the story on its web site – see link above

This is an odd story in many ways but why are Merseyside Police refusing to disclose how many warning letters they sent out?

Diesel powered cars – seems we were all conned!

The BBC has the story on its web site – see link above


This thoughtful piece is worth a read because it does look like we were conned about the ‘benefits’ of diesel cars.

I for one was taken in and had a couple of diesel powered cars, maybe you were too?

Norway – They really do seem to trust their politicians or at least we are being told so!


The BBC web site has the story, which is well worth a read about how Norway has coped with the wealth of oil.

But what got me was that a Norwegian Professor was able to say that the folk in Norway trusted their politicians. Quite the opposite of the UK where we seem to distrust just about everyone involved in the political processes and public life in general!

A couple of quotes are worth reflecting on:-

“For this kind of system to work, you need to have an enormous level of trust,” says Prof Cappelen. “Trust that the money isn’t going to be mismanaged – that it’s not going to be spent in a way you don’t like. As a result of social democracy and egalitarian policies it is a homogenous society and has built up an enormous level of trust.”


“We trust the government. We believe our tax money will be spent wisely. Once you start trusting that others are contributing their share then you are happy to contribute yours.”

In the seemingly far more cynical UK our response to the Professor would probably be along the lines of ‘which political party put him up to say that?’