Maghull – The Albany Cinema, The Beatles & Lidl

The article on the Guardian/Observer website – linked below – caught my eye because it involves the Beatles and Lidl:-

The former Albany Cinema in Maghull, which was renamed twice to Astra and then Apollo, closed many years ago but its link with the article above is that when demolished it became and still is a Lidl store and that the Beatles also played there in the 1960’s.

This photo is of my old friend Jim Byrne, who is sadly no longer with us, at the then derelict site of the former Albany Cinema prior to its demolition.

The link below takes you to a Maghull & Lydiate U3A document which covers Maghull’s local blue plaque scheme. If you scroll through it you’ll reach the section about the Beatles plaque on the present Lidl building which celebrates the Beatles appearing at the Albany Cinema:-

And finally, how apt bearing in mind what this blog posting is about – the Beatles liveried Merseyrail train at Maghull Station:-

Liverpool – Strawberry Fields Gates

Could these be the gates to one of the most well known places in the world at least in music rather than seen directly? The Liverpool Echo has the story – see link above.

Dangerous Beatles mania?

Westminister Council is considering a lollipop woman to make the iconic Abbey Road zebra crossing safer, due to Beatles-loving tourists making the area hazardous by taking photos in the middle of the road.

This story jumped out at me, a bit like it seems the tourists are doing to vehicle drivers!