Maghull – Beechcroft retirement flats – To be sandwiched between two supermarkets and other related thoughts.

Beechcroft Retirement Flats

Beechcroft Retirement Flats

If plans submitted to Sefton Council to build on the former Maghull Library and Stafford Moreton Youth Club sites are approved and the building actually goes ahead the residents of Beechcroft will have a supermarket on either side of them i.e. Morrisons and the yet to be approved/built Netto store. I say actually goes ahead as plans to develop Maghull’s shopping centre always seem to fall by the way side for some odd reason.



Remember the former owners of the Square shopping Centre getting planning permission to redevelop the shops north of Westway some years ago? Well it didn’t happen. Remember the promised rebuild of Maghull Health Centre to include an NHS drop-in facility of a few years ago? That did not happen either. Oh, and what about Morrisons expanding? Yes you’ve guessed it, that also bit the dust.

The former Stafford Moreton Youth Centre and old Maghull Library in the heart of Maghull's shopping area.

The former Stafford Moreton Youth Centre and old Maghull Library in the heart of Maghull’s shopping area.

Bearing in mind the Beechcroft flats, in Stafford Moreton Way, are for retired folk there seems to be every possibility of too much noise from deliveries and the like.

I do hope that the concerns of Beechcroft residents are taken into account by planners, the planning committee and indeed the two supermarkets.

Also, there have long been plans amongst Sefton Council’s Highway Engineers to put traffic lights at the junction of Liverpool Road North and Stafford Moreton Way, when the shopping centre is finally redeveloped. It can be a devil of a job exiting onto Liverpool Road North particularly at busy times when needing to turn right. Will this traffic light project now see the light of day?

Maghull – Beechcroft Retirement flats

I was recently invited to attend a coffee morning of residents who own flats in this development in Maghull Town Centre together with Labour Councillor Steve Kermode.

The residents had a number of issues they wanted Steve and I to address not least the state of the road surface outside of their homes i.e. Stafford Moreton Way.

Here is a photo I took whilst reviewing this matter with Steve and the House Manager of Beechcroft.


The road surface is very uneven and this leads to the ponding of water which at this time of year can lead to small dangerous skating rinks being created. Not good especially for the elderly.

There is clearly a problem here with the road surface and highway drainage. The pavement is also badly damaged and we were told that this has been caused by Morrisons delivery wagons needing to mount the kerb to pass other vehicles. We have asked Sefton Council to investigate and say what they can do to address the resident’s concerns.

Steve and I had a great time with the residents being served copious cups of tea and being treated to cakes! What a lovely group of people for us both to represent.