Lydiate – Leeds Liverpool canal bank collapse

I posted about the collapse of part of the bank between Lollies Bridge and Lydiate Hill Bridge (otherwise known as Billy’s Bridge) back in June:-

This is how the scene looks now:-


Seems that the Canal & River Trust still can’t afford to do the repair work so have erected a substantial wooden fence around the collapsed banking. Lydiate residents will recall that a similar situation occurred back a while ago when significant repairs were required around the Pilling Lane stone bridge. There it was many months before they could find the money to do the work.

The bottom line here is that the Trust’s bottom line is no money. They operate in a similar way to the National Trust but don’t have anything like the same resources.

Lydiate – Damaged canal banking – An update


My previous post of a few days ago refers:-

And this is what the Canal and River Trust had to say about it on 16th June.

‘the canal banking has partially fallen away at this location. For safety reasons, we have closed access to the towpath so that we can make the area safe. Our teams will be taking steps to secure the site in the next few weeks so that the towpath can re-open. This will be a short term measure. Long term repairs will require more resource and we currently do not have this available.’

The odd part about this response is that the tow path was actually open when Sheila and I walked it last on Saturday 13th June.

Lydiate – Canal bank issues at Lydiate Hill Bridge

What’s going on here then? On the Leeds Liverpool Canal in Lydiate between Lollies Bridge and Lydiate Hill Bridge.


This was the scene on Saturday 13th June. Clearly a section of the concrete banking has been taken away and the tow path significantly narrowed as a consequence.

Further along the steps at Lydiate Hill Bridge (otherwise known as Billy’s Bridge) have been partially closed denying access to footpaths that cross and meet at the bridge.


I am trying to find out from the Canal & River Trust when things will be back to normal as I am uneasy about the narrow tow path and steps being difficult to access by canal users. More news when I have it.