The Old Forge – Maghull

What is now the Old Forge, just off Liverpool Road North/Hickson Avenue in Maghull, was once a well known blacksmith business. When the business closed in the 1960’s the building remained pretty much as it was the day that it closed until 2010 when it was tastefully converted into a lovely modern house.

My previous posting of 14/02/2011 refers

but the reason I return to the matter is that I have found a photo of the building in its original state from 2002.


This photo is amongst my Flickr shots at:-

The sign above the window reads Robert Barnes and Sons I recall you could then look through the windows to see the inside laid out as it would have been used to conduct a blacksmith’s business.

Below is the plaque that the Olsen family and Maghull Town Council erected on the building as a nod to its interesting history.