Bootle – Landmark Gas Works set for demolition

Bootle Townscape

The Liverpool Echo has news of the proposed demolition of the former gas works off Bootle’s Marsh Lane on its web site – see link above.

I worked overlooking this gas works for many years and took the photo above from my high vantage point workplace (The Triad) a few years back.

It looks like the demolition process is going to be troublesome and lengthy for the residents who live in the surrounding streets.

It’s rather sad to see such a landmark in Bootle being torn down. It was once connected to the railway network and the remains of bridge abutments can still be seen on Hawthorne Road.

Previous postings of mine mentioned this site, here’s a link back to them:-

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Bootle Gas Works and surrounding area

Some time ago I posted an article about the former Langton Dock Branch railway. Here is a link back to that article:-

And a further posting showed the tunnel under the Liverpool Southport railway line, then and now:-

This branch railway also served the extensive Bootle Gas Works, some of which remains adjacent to Marsh Lane. The railway connection with the gas works, which came off the Langton Dock Branch, is long gone (just like the Langton Dock Branch) although traces of both can still be seen. Here is a shot of the Gas Works site and surrounding streets as it looks 2015:-


Recently I came across an excellent modern day reproduction of a map of the north of Bootle dating back to 1906. Here is a scan of the part of the map that shows the area associated with this posting:-

Bootle 1906

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The map, Bootle (North) 1906, is part of the excellent series of reproduction maps produced Alan Godfrey Maps which are available to purchase.

Things have certainly changed. The gas works is now much smaller and the land it used to occupy to the north seems to await another use (although I would guess it will be in need of significant remediation considering its former use), whilst the land to the south of Marsh land is now an office block and car park.

A final up close shot of the present day gas works with its rather old gasometers:-


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