Bootle – Railway tunnels before and after

I have posted before about former Langton Dock Branch (see link below) that closed a long time ago and for which there is little evidence of it existing these days as you get close to the docks.

But under Bootle Strand Station there is a tunnel which once took this branch under the Liverpool – Southport Line. The tunnel was tall as the line was in a very deep cutting. Recently I came across an old photo of the tunnel in its original guise, so I went to take a photo of the same location now. The differences are considerable.

Gasworks Branch Bootle


The cutting is gone – its been filled in. The tunnel is still there – well at least the top part of it as it is now a pedestrian walk-way from the Strand Shopping Centre to the new(ish) ASDA store. The bridge visible in the old photo, through the tunnel, is that of the one that once took the Langton Dock Branch under Stanley Road

How things change.

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