Maghull, Formby, Crosby – Where’s the Sefton Council make-over for the communities in the middle of the Borough?

I have recently posted about Sefton Council’s plans to ‘make-over’ Bootle (to the tune of £100m) and Southport (to an unspecified amount other than a £2.77m investment in the pier) but let’s not forget about the middle of Sefton Borough.

Sefton Council Logo

Sefton Council Logo

How is Sefton Council planning to ‘make-over’ say the town centres of Maghull, Crosby, Formby for example? And where’s cash strapped Sefton going to get the funds from, public and/or indeed private, to splash say £300m on the Borough’s communities? I say £300m as it would surely not be unreasonable to invest £100m on the communities in middle of the Borough (and indeed Southport) to match the £100m promised for Bootle, would it not?

All we ask for is parity of investment across Sefton’s diverse communities. No one would want the Borough to invest in one community whilst ignoring others now would they. And while we are at it let’s not forget that communities like Lydiate, Aintree Village & Maghull are already at a disadvantage under our Sefton Labour rulers because the Council Tax payers in those communities pay twice for their parks and gardens to be maintained!

So come on Sefton Labour let’s see the extra £97m to be invested in Southport and a round £100m to be invested in the Sefton Central communities.

Bootle – More on that £100m to be spent/invested in doing the area up.

The Liverpool Echo has a follow up story to its original article – see link above.

Mural on a concrete wall where The Strand Shopping Centre meets the Leeds Liverpool Canal.

Mural on a concrete wall where The Strand Shopping Centre meets the Leeds Liverpool Canal.

So will this plan to gentrify the centre of Bootle work and will it get funded? It’s a lot of money and Sefton Council says it does not have a penny to bless itself with when it comes to running day to day basic services so it will be interesting to see how, when and if a real financial package is brought together.

Having said that the Leeds Liverpool Canal through the southern/eastern parts of Sefton’s communities (Bootle, Litherland, Netherton, Aintree Village, Melling, Maghull and Lydiate) is a great leisure resource which is yet to be fully exploited particularly in Bootle.

Let’s hope then that this announcement on the 200th anniversary of the completion of the canal swims rather than sinks.

Bootle – To become ‘The star attraction of North Liverpool’

The Liverpool Echo has the story – see link above

I have commented on the unfortunate declining fortunes of Bootle many times before. What with HMRC pulling all its 3,000 staff out of the Town and with M&S already having run for the hills things have not been looking good for the place I have worked in since 1975.

My last relevant posting is available via the link below:-

Is this plan going to revive Bootle’s fortunes? Is it the right plan to revive its fortunes?

Bootle – It’s North Park

In conversation with my old chum Charles (Uncle Albert) Walker (95 years young) the other day he told me of his playing putting and bowls in North Park during his lunch hour when he worked for an electroplating company in Bootle.

This made me think about a park I have worked almost next to myself for over 20 years so I took this shot as it is now from a high vantage point. The road in the foreground is Marsh Lane, with Stanley Road forming the road along the right hand side of the park.

Bootle's North Park

Click on the photo to enlarge it

There’s no bowling green now and no putting green either. The park has a skateboard facility in the right background (partly behind the trees) and a significant part of it was given over to the building of Bootle Leisure Centre (and its car park) which was funded by City Challenge Money from the 1980’s I think.

Merseyrail’s Liverpool – Southport railway line (left hand top corner) is of course a constant over many generations but other things on this photo are relatively modern such as the Aldi store which replaced a Vauxhall car dealership in recent times if memory serves.

The photo is also amongst my Flickr photos at:-

Liverpool New Queens Drive M&S is car parking nightmare

The Liverpool Echo has the story – see link above

This Liverpool Echo article is interesting especially as an easily accessible M&S in Bootle was axed to facilitate this new inaccessible one!

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