Gove and Boris savaged by Guardian

The Guardian has the story on its web site – see link above

This is a powerful piece indeed and well worth reading. My thanks to Roy Connell for spotting it.

As an aside I heard Anna Soubry MP say on Channel 4 News tonight that both her Tory Party and Labour had in effect stoked up anti EU feelings over issues that had nothing to do with the EU. She even mentioned that the Libs had not done this. Her anger with Gove and Boris was very clear.

EU Referendum – A Belgian Perspective

The Guardian has the story on its web site – see link above. Warning ‘Exiters’ won’t like it and it may well raise their blood pressure but that does not mean it is wrong.

With thanks to Roy Connell the spotter of this story

New pollution charges for diesel drivers?

Boris Johnson is considering plans to charge all diesel vehicle drivers an extra £10 to drive in central London while other cities across the country are looking urgently at ways to cut diesel fumes in order to comply with clean air rules from Europe. The EC launched legal proceedings against Britain in February for breaching air pollution limits. Defra has admitted that unless tougher action were taken London, Birmingham and Leeds would be exposed to dangerous air pollution from vehicle exhausts until the 2030s. London’s ‘ultra-low emission zone’ would also see petrol cars bought before 2006 charged the extra levy.

Picture c/o wikipedia

Picture c/o wikipedia

The Times & The Daily Telegraph carried this story recently.

This is an interesting environmental story because it is not so long ago that we were all in effect told that if we bought diesel powered cars it would reduce pollution. I was caught out by such bad advice and many other drivers were too. Now diesel powered vehicles are seen to be a pollution problem not a pollution solution.

I have posted before about air pollution in places like Bootle with ships and trucks going to and fro to the docks being a concern in addition to many private cars and vans being diesel powered. See link below:-

Hillsborough and the Sun newspaper – It would be hard to make this up – What on earth did our political leaders think they were doing?


Here is the sad, sad story as carried by the BBC.

Words fail me, they really do


Super Mayor Idea to be “Strangled at Birth” – Well said Dr John Pugh MP

Any effort to create a Merseyside super-mayor must be nipped in the bud according to Southport Lib Dem MP, John Pugh.

The government in their response today to the Heseltine review on rebalancing the economy is suggesting that areas like Merseyside should be allowed to form combined local authorities with possibly even a super executive mayor for all councils.

The choice will be left to local people but local MP John Pugh is keen “to strangle the idea at birth”.

“The naive assumption is that if we have our own Boris Johnson or Joe Anderson in the Boris role, we will be as prosperous as London. Frankly though there is no way Southport, Sefton, St Helens or Wirral will have any truck with this. It’s typical of Whitehall to think that what might be good for London works anywhere else. ”

“As it is going to be left to local people to decide I am determined to have their voice heard now, and will be writing to local council leaders to get their views and if possible their support in opposing super mayors.”

We believe in co-operation and have living proof that local councils can work very constructively together without being merged or bossed by a Mr Big.

A super mayor cannot effectively represent all the varied communities from Southport to St Helens and West Kirkby.

There is the serious danger that the focus of all effort will go into Liverpool and that is not the path to true economic regeneration.”