Brexit?- ‘well not if it will cost me money’

The Guardian newspaper has the story on is web site – see link above

It is probably fair to say that some voters would willingly suffer any amount of person financial loss to leave the EU ‘at any cost’, but they will be a tiny minority of course and usually very wealthy too.


But this article on the Guardian web site shows how many folks, who clearly voted for Brexit, are now seemingly concerned that it will cost them money. In other words they voted out but not ‘at any cost’ to themselves.

Of course financial loss to the UK economy, a falling value of the Pound etc. were almost inevitable following a Brexit vote but it seems some who voted with the Leave campaign had not realised that this would in turn have a detrimental effect on their own personal finances. Odd I know but there you have it. The law of unintended consequences kicking in?

So how is Mrs May(hem) going to sell a deal to the UK population that means they will be worse off? She often uses the meaningless mantra of ‘Brexit means Brexit’ but it seems she should change it to ‘Brexit means cost you’.

My thanks to Roy Connell for picking up on this story.