A Brexit Nation – Just what have we become?

As our NHS crumbles before our very eyes, as social care for the old and the vulnerable crumbles with it, as our world gets dangerously more warm by the day, the national debate (as presented to us by the press) often seems to be about far, far less pressing issues.

The colour of our next passport, whether we should recommission the Royal Yacht Britannia, the troubles of TV’s Bake Off and how we can keep out anyone from the UK particularly if they have anything but white skin and can’t speak the Queen’s English.

Without doubt the UK is taking leave of it senses and its priorities seem utterly bizarre.

The Tories will see off the NHS (which depends heavily on doctors and nurses from across the world simply to function) soon just by starving it of the funds and staff it so desperately needs. They will push the costs of health care by default (and social care for the elderly and vulnerable in particular) onto families. This is happening now, it will be worse tomorrow and next week, etc. etc. Is this not a pressing crisis?

Our world is getting dangerously warm whilst we fiddle around the edges not really getting to grips with what needs to be done to save our plant for future generations. Is this not a major crisis?

It really is about time we sobered up. Our all but racist society is shameful, our sitting back and watching as millions of refugees die is a national disgrace and the unwillingness to fund health and social care properly is utterly bizarre because we are quite literally shooting ourselves in the foot and we know it!

When was the last time we had a Prime Minister we could have any collective confidence in? There was a spectacularly false dawn in this regard when Tony Blair got elected because even those of us who did not vote for him thought he was about to bring about the kind of serious change the UK needed. He had his moments of course but then involved us in illegal wars that have brought terrorism to the streets of the UK. His appalling legacy far out-ways the good things he did.

But can you think of another PM of recent times that folks had any kind of collective confidence in? Wilson possibly in his early years?

Without doubt the UK is facing many a major crisis at present:-

Funding the NHS
Paying for Social Care
An over heated and dysfunctional housing market
Deeply worrying energy supply problems
Global warming
An inability to defend the Country
Racial intolerance
An aging population

And the colour of our next passport and whether the Royal Yacht Britannia is recommissioned etc. are supposedly big issues to us? How low will this once proud, caring and open-minded Country have to go before we take notice of the real troubles that are all around us?

Brexit – How Much! (said with a Yorkshire accent of course)


The Guardian has the story on its web site – see link above

This really does make you wonder whether the UK has taken leave of its senses with our ‘stop the World we want to get off’ attitude.

So we can hire 500 extra civil servants but we can’t fund our NHS? Sounds to me like our priorities are at best very confused!

May – ‘Brexit may bring difficult times’

Well that’s is a statement of the blinding obvious, obvious to all except extreme Brexiters that is. But I think she needs to change the word ‘may’ to ‘will’.

And here’s another Mayism:-

Mrs May said she would not pretend that leaving the union would be “plain sailing”

And another:-

“I think we must be prepared for the fact that there may be some difficult times ahead. But what I am is optimistic.” I think the last sentence actually means, ‘I have everything crossed’

All said on the Andrew Marr show recently but don’t you just get the impression that she is trying to sound positive and confident about an issue that she does not know what the hell to do with?

We have already shot ourselves in one foot, we don’t have to shoot ourselves in the other!

May – She’s playing a game which she does not know how to win


The Guardian has the story on it web site – see link above

Leaving the Single Market without clearly knowing what a credible alternative trading strategy will look like could well destroy our economy.

It’s alright for Brexiters to say oh just leave all will be fine when they have no idea whether it will be or not! Do we really want mass unemployment, a collapsing economy and no money to support vital public services? If not then we all have to see all the options before us before we go wandering off another cliff.

Thanks to Roy Connell for spotting this story.

Brexit – The best resposte I have seen

The words below are those of a Jonathan Walker – I don’t know him but he has given permission for them to be quoted. A spot on reposte to the utter madness of Brexit….

I won’t sit back and allow mine and my family’s European citizenship to be stripped away from us without our consent after a non-binding plebiscite that was won by harnessing xenophobia on an industrial scale and lying about EU budgets and how they could be spent on the NHS. People saying ‘just move on’ simply haven’t understood the profound cultural, economic, political and social consequences of Brexit. This is the most serious constitutional crisis since 1945. The decisions that are being made now will affect us for generations. No, I will not just ‘move on’, or stop posting about it. Given that we lack an effectively Parliamentary voice at the moment because Labour is led by a Eurosceptic and has turned in on itself this summer, it is more important than ever that those of us who value the European ideal do not abandon it, and seek to hold the government and Vote Leave to account. This is OUR future at stake.

Bexit – May is facing all kinds of difficulties – Makes you wonder if it will actually happen


This is an interesting read – see link above – and it shows how Prime Minister May has been put in a big hole with a spade to help her dig it deeper. In reality she has no way out of the hole of course and it may well finish her in the fullness of time.

My thanks to Roy Connell for spotting this story.