Loco stuck in the snow near Maidstone 1987

A snowbound Maghull (not Maidstone East Station) Station with an Ormskirk train approaching – from 2010


For those of you who like both trains and snow a excellent You Tube video, which I have just come across, of a bad winter back in 1987.


1968 – A famous year for UK railways but will it be celebrated on the line where steam last ran for real?

A cold day at Maghull Station, where once Liverpool Exchange to Glasgow steam hauled trains would thunder through.

I’ve recently been reading a book by Michael S Welch called ‘Lancashire Steam Finale’ published in 2004 and which has some stunning photos of the very last days of steam power on British railways within it.

And then it dawned on me 2018 is 50 years since steam engines last ran on BR before being replaced by diesel and electric trains altogether. What’s more the line from Liverpool Exchange through Aintree, Maghull, Ormskirk, Preston and on to Carlisle was the very last line to run a regular steam hauled service.

‘The very last ordinary steam passenger train in Great Britain was the 9.25pm from Preston to Liverpool on 3rd August’ to quote from Michael’s book.

Are any celebrations of the anniversary being planned? With the demise of Liverpool Exchange Station (being replaced by Moorfields underground station) and the severing of the through line at Ormskirk, how possible would it be to run say a commemorating steam hauled train? South of Ormskirk it would clearly be difficult but north from Ormskirk looks to me to be very much a serious prospect.

Here’s hoping………

Aintree – Lost station buildings – So sad


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Some time ago I posted about how grand Aintree Station (previously know as Aintree Sefton Arms) on the Merseyrail Network had once been as opposed to its clinical uninspiring modern face now. I have since purchased a further old photo that shows off the former station canopy very well. I don’t know the date of the photo though which is displayed above – click on it to enlarge.

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APT – We Brits invented tilting trains and then let others profit from it!


A sad reflection on our negative thinking – the BBC Magazine web site has the story.


Was it a lack of confidence in our own ability, was it the press wot dun it in, was it Tory prejudice against anything in the public sector? The irony is that when tilting high speed trains had been perfected we bought, what we had invented, from other counties because we had ditched our vision that could have brought jobs and money into the UK.

Ditton Junction – In Maghull?

Seen from the tow path of the Leeds Liverpool Canal through Maghull at the end of a garden:-

Ditton Junction in Maghull r


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Ditton Junction Station was on the main Liverpool to Runcorn line just to the west of Widnes. The scan of the Ordnance Survey map of Liverpool from 1958 shows the station location. It was the first to be closed by Railtrack following the privatisation of British Rail in 1994. Ditton Railway Station is one of two stations where Paul Simon reputedly composed the song “Homeward Bound”, the other being Widnes railway station.

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