Crime on Merseyside’s railway stations

Liverpool Lime Street Station at night.

The Liverpool Echo has the article on its website – see link below

A Virgin Trains Pendolino train at Liverpool Lime Street Station.

There’s every danger with looking at crime stats and trying to interpret them that folk become more fearful of crime than they need to be. But the positive side of talking about railway stations where crime is an issue is to make travellers more aware of what is going on around them on busy stations. It’s a question of balance as with most things of course.

Southport Station.

Merseyrail Train is shot at

A 507/508 EMU Merseyrail unit at Crescent Road level crossing – Birkdale, Southport.

The Liverpool Echo has the story from Monday night on its web site – see link above.

Goodness me the use of guns on Merseyside becomes a bigger concern each week that goes by. This may have been ‘just’ an air rifle incident but sadly it fits into a much wider picture of gun use locally.

Terrorism – Taking a photo in Southport brings home the potential threat

Last Saturday I was in Southport taking some pictures and the one below I took at Southport Station.


But when taking this very shot I was approached by a British Transport Policeman and asked why I was photographing in the Station. Don’t get me wrong the chap was polite and friendly and immediately accepted that I was just a railway enthusiast taking pictures. But it does bring it home to you how the Police are trying to keep us safe from those who are determined to do us harm, even in England’s classic seaside resort.

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