Brexit – Where are the credible facts about leaving the EU

Clearly the Brexit campaign is led by a colourful bunch of politicians but one thing they seem unable to do is to put before us a clear way forward for life outside of the EU.

Yes it is easy for them and their supporters to say daft things like:-

‘The EU bosses us about’
‘We need Brussels’ permission to do anything’
‘We are being bullied into staying in the EU’
‘We want Britain to be great again’
etc. etc.etc.

It’s like saying we don’t like where we are now and want to be somewhere else without having a map to show how to get to somewhere else or knowing what somewhere else will be like.

It’s all emotional arguments rather then credible ones.

In many ways you have to stare aghast at Brexiters as they are in effect saying we should all jump off the cliff with them, not knowing if there are rocks below, how far down it is, whether the tide is in or if there are sharks in the water. A leap into the unknown indeed.

Having been fed a diet of silly tabloid stories about the EU for years now it is probably no surprise that some folks have taken these stories as fact. But none the less it is worrying that those who want Brexit can’t seem to be able to say how they will ensure a better, brighter future for the UK.

Some of them seem quite happy to put the UK economy at greater risk than it is already although I can’t understand why.

Others want us to ‘rule the waves’ again but fail to say how our small country will achieve this.

Many have forgotten why the EU was created (to help bring peace and stability to Europe) and you wonder why they think a less stable Europe is in the UK’s interests.

In reality this referendum is mainly about the problems within the Tory Party as they try to keep their bickering members happy. Of course whatever the result those members will never be happy. We would not be having a referendum if Cameron had not been backed into a corner by UKIP and those Tories who may defect to UKIP.

But there is also a dilemma for Labour here too as their ‘working class’, whatever that may mean, supporters are mainly on the right of British politics whilst seeing Labour as ‘their’ tribe. They read the right wing press but vote Labour. They are anti EU but vote Labour. They are one of the reasons Mr. Corbyn has to be very careful about what he says and why Labour’s been so quiet in the campaign so far.

So please Brexiters put before us a credible plan for how you see things unfolding if we leave the EU and one that independent minded people can assess and comment on. It’s time to speak with a common credible voice rather than emotional rhetoric.