Extending Merseyrail’s Northern Line from Ormskirk to Burscough

To me this is one of life’s ‘no brainers’ as it would bring Burscough into the Merseyside commuter belt as far as practical and accessible public transport into Liverpool is concerned.

Money needs to be found though but with house building on a large scale in Burscough being on the cards due to the West Lancashire Local Plan being approved then it would seem that there could well be money on the table.

I think there is reason to be optimistic here and I hope that Lancashire’s politicians can be united in making it happen. Certainly, a recent discussion between Merseytravel officers and myself gives me grounds for guarded optimism.

I was at Ormskirk Station a couple of days ago awaiting Jen who was due into Ormskirk on one of the hardly regular trains from Preston. It can’t but strike you when stood on Ormskirk Station that the Northern Line ending there is just daft. My view is that it should end at a logical place i.e. Preston but that may be dreaming a little too much at present. However, Burscough is a step in the right direction so let’s get on with it and soon.

Here is a photo I took whilst waiting for Jen:-


The photo is also amongst my Flickr shots at:-

Ormskirk – The end of the line – How daft is that!

Having been a supporter of OPSTA (Ormskirk, Preston & Southport Travellers Association) for more years than I care to recall I, like many folk, continue to find the fact that the electrified Northern Line from Liverpool stops at Ormskirk.

The Merseyside commuter belt certainly goes at least as far as Burscough/Rufford whilst the logical end for this electrified service is quite obviously Preston. One day a Government of whatever colour will see the sense of extending the electrification but whether I am still breathing is a different matter.

The shot below (taken in April) is looking towards Ormskirk Station with it being just beyond the bridge in the background. Click of the picture to enlarge it.


If you agree with me please consider joining OPSTA and maybe we can have another big push at this most stubborn of projects.
See my link to OPSTA for details of this campaigning rail group.