Downholland – Vandalised canal bridge is reopened

So pleased to see that the Canal and River Trust has managed to replace the vandalised electronic control cabin of Coxhead/Rimmer’s swing bridge on Eagar Lane/Greens Lane Downholland on the Leeds Liverpool Canal.

C&RT staff were testing it this morning and all was looking good, what’s more it seems the Police have the culprits on CCTV so I was told.

New electrical control cabin at Coxhead swing bridge

Melling Canal Breach – This morning’s photos

Having been down to have a look at the Leeds Liverpool canal breach in Melling this morning it looks to be of a similar nature to the 1995 breach on the boundary between Maghull & Lydiate i.e. the canal may well have broken through into a culvert that crosses underneath it. Here’s the latest photos, including one of a very unfortunate narrow boat caught near to the breach point:-

dam built by Canal and River Trust at Holmes swing bridge. From here the canal is in water through Maghull, Lydiate and northwards

A canal with virtually no water in it from Holmes swing bridge through Aintree towards Liverpool.

A sadly marooned narrow boat quite near to the breach site.

The breach point in the Waddicar part of Melling

The breach happened yesterday evening according to Merseyside Fire and Rescue.

Aintree/Netherton – Canal swing bridges – Boaters now in control

Canal barges and narrow boats lined up for the 200 year celebration of the completion of the Leeds Liverpool Canal near Wango Lane swing bridge in June 2016.

I had heard that things were a changing on the Leeds Liverpool Canal in terms of how boaters access the previously only Canal and Rivers Trust operated swing bridges in Aintree and Netherton but was not too clear on what the changes were as a non-boater. As a canoeist I can usually slip under the swing bridges.

But as luck would have it I picked up a copy of the June edition of Towpath Talk newspaper in Scarisbrick Marina the other day and an article in it explains it all:-

Click on this newspaper cutting to enlarge it

So now we know all the ins and outs about the changes. With apologies to those who already knew all this.

Lydiate – Reclaying a canal aqueduct

A few days ago a Canal and River Trust dumb barge with an excavator on it was being pushed northwards through Lydiate and it passed the end of our Lydiate garden.

A brief chat with the chap in charge of the movement led me to understand that work was going to commence just north of Jackson’s Bridge (where Hall Lane/Pygons Hill Lane cross over the LLC) on reclaying the canal over the small aqueduct that takes the Leeds Liverpool Canal over what I think is still called Sudell Brook at that point.

The brook is also the Lydiate/Merseyside boundary with Downholland/West Lancashire and I’m guessing that the canal has been leaking into the brook below it hence the need to reclay the canal. The photo below shows the dumb barge with the excavator in it on Saturday 14th April over the position of the small aqueduct.

Leeds Liverpool Canal – In the days when you were not welcome on the tow path

It’s hard to imagine these days that at one time walkers and cyclists were not welcome on the tow paths of the UK’s canal network, even more so now when exactly the opposite is true and the Canal and River Trust actively encourages such activities.

But just to prove how unwelcome walkers and cyclists were in previous times here is a photo of a Leeds Liverpool Canal cast iron sign, from 1911, which is on display at the National Waterways Museum in Ellesmere Port:-


Click on the photo to enlarge it

The photo is also amongst my Flickr photos at:-

Leeds Liverpool Canal – Bicentenary Voyage from Leeds to Liverpool 15th to 23rd October

Museum of Liverpool and Museum Canal Link Tunnel.

Museum of Liverpool and Museum Canal Link Tunnel.

The BBC has the story on its web site – see link above

The inaugural 1816 boat passage by Yorkshire and Lancashire merchants on the 127-mile Leeds and Liverpool Canal is being recreated on a former working boat called Kennet.

Canal Bicentenary

The good ship (or in this case barge) Kennet set sail from Leeds last Saturday and it should arrive in Liverpool on Sunday 23rd. That means it should be sailing through West Lancashire and Sefton Boroughs on 22nd and 23rd i.e. next Saturday and Sunday. Should be worth keeping an eye out for.

Looking through Pilling Lane canal bridge, Lydiate at boats moored outside Mersey Motor Boat Club.

Looking through Pilling Lane canal bridge, Lydiate at boats moored outside Mersey Motor Boat Club.