Aqua Marine & Aquamarine – Tunes that get stuck in my head by Santana & 3rd Force

These two tunes with very similar names often find their way back into my head, both are superb. Treat yourself and listen to them via these You Tube links:-

Album cover for Santa – Marathon

Album cover for 3rd Force – Gentle Force

Whether it be the legendary Carlos Santana and his band or the less well known 3rd force (William Aura, Craig Dobbin & Alain Eskinasi) these 2 similarly named but different instrumental tunes are simply spot on for me.

Carlos Santana & Gato Barbieri play Europa

Aged 20 I went on holiday to the south of France with 4 friends and the wonderful Carlos Santana tune Europa was being played on jukeboxes everywhere we went – It was from the album Amigos the seventh studio album by Santana released in 1976. Indeed, we played it so often in the bar we frequented during that holiday that we were asked to play some other tracks.

Some years later I came across the Argentinian jazz saxophone player Gato Barbieri via his 1976 album Caliente and was immediately taken with his rendition of Europa so imagine how great it was to find them playing this fine tune together! Here’s a couple of links to YouTube so you can delight in it too:-

Now what about the origins of Europa? It seems they are unclear or even possibly disputed as this link to Wikipedia notes:-

I would add that Barbieri’s Caliente album is superb all the way through, one of those rare albums that does not have a duff track on it at all. There’s a great rendition of Marvin Gaye’s ‘I want you’ on it. The only other album that comes to mind which is superb all the way through is Isaac Hayes’ To Be Continued.

Oh and one final thought on Europa – It would be a great tune for the Snake Davis Band to play.