Lydiate – Cars for sale on the public highway

I’ve covered the issue of cars for sale on the public highway many times before on this blog site – Green Lane in Maghull comes to mind and here’s a link back to one my postings about it:-

But today I was contacted by a local resident who had noticed a reaction to a parked car for sale in the entrance to Seafore Close, a regular site from which car sales take place. I went to have a look and this is what I found:-

As a consequence I’ve raised the matter with Sefton Highways again to see what their current take on the matter is. If you have read the story of Green Lane Maghull (linked above) you will know how the Council eventually resolved the issue on that site.

Quote from my previous posting – ‘What it seemed to come down to was that Sefton Highways were saying that a car sales company could sell up to 2 vehicles in one location on the public highway and no one could stop it, or words to that effect.’

I’ll post again when there’s further news…..

Maghull, Southport & Lydiate – cars for sale (by dealers) on the public highway

I have blogged about this a number of times in the past. The issue is car dealers selling car on the public highway which some residents oppose (I appreciate that some residents don’t oppose the activity I would add) and have complained about.

This is the Green Lane, Maghull site where cars are regularly for sale.

This is the Green Lane, Maghull site where cars are regularly for sale.

In Maghull the problem/issue manifests itself in the turning circle/dead end of the Green Lane Service Road where it faces Liverpool Road South.

In Lydiate it is on Southport Road at the Maghull/Lydiate boundary and in the entrance to Seafore Close just off Southport Road.

I understand that some roads in Southport are also affected by this issue.

My last relevant posting on this matter is available via the link below:-

By way of an update I have been back in touch with Sefton Council to see what progress has been made and they have told me that they now have Merseyside Police on board with the enforcement of cars for sale on the public highway. I understand though that Sefton Council will continue to inspect roads where this activity leads to residents raising concerns about it.

Also, to give him his due credit Maghull & Lydiate Sefton Councillor John Sayers has been chasing this matter up as well and I appreciate his efforts. Not sure where John has had complaints from but I have been contacted over the years by residents of Liverpool Road South, Maghull (this goes back to when represented Maghull on the Council) and Southport Road, Lydiate.

I would now like to think that effective action will be taken, accepting of course that some residents may not want such action to stop commercial car sales on the public highway. However, based on the fact that I have been chasing this matter around for 9 years I am still not holding my breath. Certainly the past few days have shown that the situation remains unchanged in that cars are still for sale at least at two of the locations mentioned above.

PS. This issue has nothing to do with residents making private vehicle sales.

Maghull & Lydiate – Cars for sale on local roads – An Update

I covered this matter not so long ago but realise that I missed out an issue that may well come into play as Sefton Council try to control commercial car sales on the public highway.

I hear that one potential solution could be along the lines of the rather unique and controversial one devised about 7 or 8 years ago to stop commuters parking in the residential roads around Maghull Station.

There a parking restriction was brought in to stop all day parking by having just one set hour when parking was banned in the middle of the normal working day. Of course this had the immediate effect of the cars not being left there any more as the drivers would get a parking ticket for that one hour restriction. The restriction was approved by the residents of each road near Maghull Station, where it was brought in, via a ballot.

I am sure you get my drift now as I hear that the powers that be (Sefton Borough Council) are looking at this type of solution to see if it would help to combat commercial car sales on roads in Maghull, Lydiate and Southport.

Watch this space, although as the problem of cars for sale on the highway has been grumbled about for 8 years I suspect this will continue to grind on. I will update when I hear more…….

Maghull & Lydiate – Cars for sale on the public highway

This is a matter I have covered before over a number of years. My previous relevant postings are available below:-

This is the Green Lane, Maghull site where cars are regularly for sale.

This is the Green Lane, Maghull site where cars are regularly for sale.

The first posting above is dated 26th March 2011 and when I had a further chat about the matter with a Sefton Council Highways Office this morning he told me that I had first raised it in 2008!

The issue has been raised with me a number of times by residents who feel that commercial car sales should not be taking place on the public highway. Most recently I have been contacted by a Southport Road Lydiate resident who asked me to take the matter up once again. It was this request that led me to have a chat with a Sefton Highways Officer this morning.

Firstly it seems there are roads in Southport where the same issue manifests itself.

I am told that the legislation that Sefton currently uses entails an 8 day notice being given to remove a car from the place of sale on the highway and that 99% of the time this happens. However, I understand there is presently a case where a commercial car sale vehicle was left at Green Lane in Maghull for longer than 8 days after a removal notice had been served so legal action could now follow.

I also understand that Sefton Council is looking to see whether there are any other avenues open to them to pursue, within current legislation, to control such matters. Their legal people are looking at this now, I have been told.

I have also been asked about the road tax situation with regard to cars for sale commercially on the public highway. I don’t know the answer to this and it is not a matter within the powers of Sefton Council so Merseyside Police have been asked to look into it.

Note:- By the way the anti-social behavior route mentioned in the 2nd link above did not prove to be a runner as far as Sefton Council’s Highways Dept. was concerned.

PS. This is an issue about second hand cars being sold by businesses on the public highway it has nothing to do with private car sales by residents.