Joe Anderson – Latest on his £89,000 legal bill that was paid by Liverpool City Council

The echo has the latest in this saga – see link above.

It’s pushing it for Liverpool City Council to pay the bill for Joe’s employment tribunal never mind asking national tax payers to chip in. This tribunal and the costs of it should have been shouldered by Joe and his trade union in my opinion.

Joe Anderson – Elected Mayor of Liverpool – This really is in the unbelievable category!

Joe Anderson

Joe Anderson

The Liverpool Echo has the story – see link above

As a former trade union officer it is clear to me that Joe’s trade union should have shouldered the burden of fighting any tribunal case. What on earth has it to do with his present employer the City of Liverpool? Did his union decline to fight the case? If so why? This is what my fellow Lib Dem Councillor Richard Kemp thinks:-

Richard Kemp

Liverpool City Lib Dem leader Cllr Richard Kemp has reacted angrily and says Mayor Anderson should pay the money back.

He said: “This is an absolute scandal. There is absolutely no justification in using council money to satisfy a private problem of an individual politician. Even if there was, the figures don’t add up. The dispute was about £4,000 per year. It would take 22 years to get the money back even if Anderson had won.

“If I asked every single elector in Liverpool what the £89,000 should be spent on, not one would say the Mayor’s private legal fees. This would pay for a year for 18 of the lollipop ladies that the council has laid off or moderate care costs for 20 elderly people at a time when our social services are being eviscerated by government cuts.

“Mayor Anderson should now do the decent thing and pay the money back.”

Elected Mayor of Liverpool – More on those payments for no work

For those who would like to see more detail about this matter than the Liverpool Echo has published so far, a visit to Iain Brodie Browne’s Birkdale Focus web site is worth a bit of your time. Use the two links above to gain more detail:-

The situation seems to be one of Sefton Council Officers agreeing to the deal but then soon after the School in question, Chesterfield High, converted itself into an Academy and they found the deal unacceptable so terminated it.

There are clearly some big issues here about the use of public money, why the deal was signed off by Council Officers in the first place and whether any of the money can or should be claimed back by the School.

But the bottom line is why on earth did anyone think that spending public money like this was going to be seen to be acceptable to the public?

A subject that a determined local investigative journalist could do with getting to the bottom off and in doing so turn Sefton Council inside out.