Sefton – Too many children living in poverty and it gets worse across Merseyside’s Boroughs

The Liverpool Echo has the story – see link above

The Echo says the stats are shocking but I fear they are actually quite predictable in many ways.

The recession, cuts in welfare, a low wage economy on Merseyside, unemployment etc, all come together to create a crisis for many children and indeed their families.

The big question is what can be done about it? Many politicians have tried and indeed some have all but promised to eradicate child poverty but it is still with us and presently it is getting worse.

I am sure that many socialists would advocate common ownership and the death of the capitalist economy as the solution but of course such simplistic arguments would not deliver the solution.

Change will only come via every child getting a good quality education, being given the same opportunities in life, by full employment, by a good supply of quality social housing, access to healthy food and health care and of course a fair welfare system. It strikes me that under this dreadful Tory Government none of these essential matters will be addressed in reality despite the spin of Westminster.