Southport – Queenscourt Hospice has their Christmas lights nicked!

The Southport Visiter has the story on its web site – see link above

‘Volunteers at Queenscourt Hospice have been left devastated after vandals made off with Christmas tree lights from outside their BoxTree Kitchen.’

What on earth possessed folk to steal from a hospice? Appalling, utterly appalling and in the season of good will as well.

My good friend Roy Connell spotted this so sad story.

Lydiate – Christmas Tree on the Village Green today

Now call me an old misery guts if you like but I am not sure that Christmas decorations going up in November or early December is all that great.

You see they look good but by the time we finally get to Christmas haven’t we heard just a few too many Christmas songs and seen too many decorations?

The way we are going Christmas will soon last 2 months, if we are not there already!

Anyway enough of my muttering, here’s a little bit of Lydiate Christmas for you as the lights on the holly tree (yes you read that correctly – holly tree) were switched on today.

LYdiate Vilage Green - Christmas 2015

Why a holly tree? Well it was already growing there, was about the right size and shape so what the hell let’s dress it as a Christmas tree thought the Parish Council. What’s more it is a little more environmentally friendly than chopping down a large mature pine tree and cheaper for Lydiate’s ‘hard working families’. Yes I know that phrase grates against me as well but I threw it in to remind all politicians to pledge not to say it again in 2016!

Goodness me am I turning this blog site into a ‘One man and his dog’ type thing? Sorry Jim Sharpe (and the Champion newspaper), I think you should have written this piece or maybe you did!