Rainford – More on that rail line east of Kirkby

A ‘Bin Liner’ freight train is headed towards Wigan whilst a Northern Class 150 heads for Kirkby near Rainford Station

No sooner had I blogged about proposals to extend the present Liverpool – Kirkby Merseyrail line a short distance to create a 2nd station within the town of Kirkby than my old friend Bob Robinson sent me details of works being carried out further up the line at Rainford. My posting about the Merseyrail extension is available via this link:-


And this is what’s happening further east in terms of bridge renewal works by Network Rail (18th July – 26th October) where the line crosses the Rainford Bypass:-


‘Bin Liner’ train from Knowsley at Rainford Junction Signal Box

Northern Class 150 heads for Kirkby along the single track section east of Rainford Junction Signal Box

Merseyside’s non-recyclable waste an update

Class 66 diesel locomotives 66040 and 66145 leaving Knowsley Freight Terminal on 24th August 2018 with another trainload of Merseyside’s waste.

I posted back in September 2018 about how Merseyside’s non-recyclable waste is moved to the north east of England to be used as fuel in Wilton Power Station. See link below:-


Since I penned my original posing I’ve come across an excellent video on You Tube by Don Coffey showing detail of the railway movements. If you skip to 2h & 10mins for the section from Rainford Junction to Knowsley you can watch the Merseyside/local part of the route.


Excellent video Don, thanks for sharing.

A very unusual sight on the Liverpool – Southport Merseyrail Northern Line

Just north of Hillside Station - track renewal

Just north of Hillside Station – track renewal

I took this photo on the 24th April 2007 as major upgrading of the track on the busy Southport Liverpool 3rd rail electrified line was taking place. My recollection is that worn out jointed rail was being replaced by continuously welded rail and new sleepers.

You can see from the shot that the Southport bound line was missing altogether at this point. Work in the hours of darkness was clearly taking place as evidenced by the temporary lighting at the side of the track.

This photo is also on my Fickr site