Pollution in cities could raise dementia risk as UK breaches EU limits

Scientists have found that breathing in polluted air in cities could raise the risk of dementia and stroke in middle age. The study, published in the journal Stroke, found that levels of fine particles commonly found in urban areas were associated with smaller brain structures and of covert brain infarcts — a type of “silent” stroke caused by a blockage in the blood vessels that supply the brain.

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Pollution is a subject often comment upon via this blog site and here is another connection between airborne pollution in our cities and associated health risks.

Government must act on air pollution

The UK’s Supreme Court has ruled that the government must take immediate action to reduce air pollution, after the nation breached EU limits on nitrogen dioxide, which is primarily emitted from diesel vehicles and causes a range of respiratory illnesses. The Environment Department responded that it had already begun drawing up revised plans to meet EU targets, after campaigners ClientEarth brought the case to court.

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When the Tories and UKIP get the UK out of the EU who will set limits for pollution then? No one will and we will take another step back into the dark ages!

Supreme Court to rule on UK air pollution

The European Union’s Supreme Court is to scrutinise the UK government’s compliance with laws limiting air pollution, after campaign group ClientEarth took legal action against Britain over excess nitrogen dioxide emission.

The Times covered this story.

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The results of this scrutiny will be interesting. We would all hope that Britain would be meeting safe nitrogen dioxide emission targets but there is clearly some evidence to say that it is not doing especially in some of our major cities.

Diesel Pollution – Ruling on illegal levels of pollution due


Supreme Court judges in London will be asked on Thursday to rule that the Government must now comply with ECJ demands that Britain reduce its illegal levels of air pollution. The case, brought by environmentalist law firm ClientEarth calls on Defra to dramatically cut pollution from diesel vehicles – the most common source of nitrogen dioxide pollution. Experts say the ruling could force the Government to ban diesel cars and commercial vehicles from many city centres to cut pollution. ClientEarth sought a judicial review in 2011 focusing on 16 UK towns and regions including London, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham and Glasgow, which will all suffer illegal air-pollution levels.

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With thanks to the LGiU for the lead to this story