Lydiate – Flying the flag


Above is the Lydiate flag with its heraldic-type symbols.

I thought it about time I got my head around what the symbols actually mean so I approached Parish Council Chairman Dave Russell and his lovely historian wife Pam. Of course they educated me…..

The top left is the coat of arms of the Lydiate family who were early Lords of the Manor of Lydiate.

Top right is the Anderton Family coat of arms

Below it is the Ireland coat of arms

The trees and earth represent the Lydiate Wood and the good arable land around it as quoted in the Domesday Book.

I am told that the crest design was created by a former Parish Clerk – A Mr Newton.

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Lydiate Parish Council to plant 96 trees in memory of Hillsborough victims

The last meeting of Lydiate Parish Council agreed to plant 96 trees on its Lambshear Lane ‘Village Centre’ site in memory of the 96 people killed as a consequence of the Hillsborough disaster.

Sadly, a Lydiate resident was one of the people to be lost in the disaster and of course there will be other Lydiate residents linked to families who lost loved ones on that terrible day.

Cllr. Dave Russell, Chairman of the Parish Council, proposed the project be taken forward and it got unanimous support from the Parish Council members.

Lydiate Village Festival

This years event, held yesterday, benefited from good weather and a big turn-out of locals. It took place behind the famous Scotch Piper Pub and in the adjacent grounds of Lydiate Abbey.


It was the second weekend in a row that I listened to Maghull Wind Orchestra although playing in a large tent in Lydiate could not be much further from the grand surroundings of Sefton Park’s Palm House of last week! Of course they were just as good though.

Maghull Wind Orchestra

Maghull Wind Orchestra

There was a display of owls and what wonderful creatures they are. Sadly some of them had previously been mistreated and others injured making their return to the wild impossible.

Tawny Owl

Tawny Owl

Barn Owl

Barn Owl

Eurasian Eagle Owl

Eurasian Eagle Owl

A battle re-enactment was also taking place which certainly made the owls all a flutter when the guns went off!.

Battle Re-enactment

Battle Re-enactment

All in all a good day out and the organising committee deserve great credit for their efforts which must be year round.

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Pilling Lane Canal Bridge – The big job starts



Following a long campaign by canal users, walkers, Lydiate Parish Council and even the odd nudge from me the Canal and River Trust has started the repair work to and around the Pilling Lane Canal Bridge in Lydiate.

The first two shots above show the road closed to vehicles but, subject to safety, the contractors are trying to keep it open for pedestrians as often as possible. Mersey Motor Boat Club is just off the pictures to the right i.e. on the Lancashire side of the works.

Lydiate Parish Cllrs. Dave Russell and Edie Pope discuss repair works with the construction manager.

Lydiate Parish Cllrs. Dave Russell and Edie Pope discuss repair works with the construction manager.

Temporary dams are being built either side of the bridge. When complete the water will be pumped out to allow further repair work.

Temporary dams are being built either side of the bridge. When complete the water will be pumped out to allow further repair work.

The works, I am told are likely to last for some months with the bridge being closed to road traffic until April. Boats are clearly unable to pass under the bridge so any on the Maghull/Liverpool side of it are stuck in it for quite a while.

Without the works the bridge would have become unsafe.

SAVE OUR GREEN BELT – Lydiate PC plants trees whilst Maghull TC sits back as Labour grows houses

I recently went to Sandy Lane Playing Field in Lydiate to check out tree and bush planting on the long boundary of the field where it abuts one of the sites that Sefton Council, under its Labour rulers, wants to build houses. This of course, is high grade agricultural land, which is also Green Belt. Frankly, there was not much to see because the plants were small but around 400 have been planted. The two photo’s below show Lydiate PC Chairman Dave Russell at the site and the second one demonstrates how small the plants are.

Cllr. Dave Russell

Cllr. Dave Russell – the field behind him is under threat from Labour’s house building plans


The stark contrast between the neighbouring communities of Lydiate and Maghull is highlighted by this simple act of tree and bush planting as in Maghull its Labour rulers will not condemn building on the Green Belt whereas in Lydiate its Lib Dem run council is campaigning hard to defend it. Maghull Town Council just can’t bring itself to stand up to Big Brother Sefton’s plan to destroy acres and acres of high grade agricultural land. What a sad state of affairs because in 1998, under a then Lib Dem run Council, Maghull fought hard to protect the Green Belt and that battle was won. This time Maghull, now under Labour control, is really being run by the Bootle Labour Party who have given them their marching orders to get the Green Belt built upon.