Lydiate – It’s 2017 Village Festival is happening soon

With the 2017 Festival only days away now I found this you tube review – see link above – of the 2016 Festival. It’s well worth watching. Cllr. Edie Pope gets in on the act with then Mayor of Maghull.

The 2017 Lydiate Village Festival will be held on Sunday 30th April on The Festival Field, Hall Lane, (Off Southport Road) L31 4HN. Behind Our Lady’s Church.

Scotch Piper – Doesn’t it look a treat

Lydiate’s famous Scotch Piper Pub is back up and running after the devastating fire to its thatched roof not so long ago. And it looks a treat now with it’s new wig, a coat of whitewash and bedecked with flowers.

I understand that Edie Pope of Church View Farm did the planters/flowers.

And this is what it looked like after the fire:-

What a difference a few weeks can make to this famous Listed Building known across the north west of England.

The top photo is amongst my Flickr shots at:-

Lydiate’s John Goore Charity

I suspect that this very old Lydiate charity is not that well known in the community as maybe it needs to be. I have blogged about it previously and a past posting is available via the link below:-

BTW I have seen the charity’s name spelled Gore or Goore and it is sometimes referred to as the Gores or Goores Trust.

It is now being run by the Community Foundation For Merseyside. Here’s a link to their web site:-

If you know any Lydiate (the charity does not cover Maghull) resident who could benefit from this charity – see the link above first to see what the benefits are – then why not let them know about Lydiate’s very own charitable trust and how it may be able to assist.

Cllr. Edie Pope is also a good contact for inquires, she can be reached via this e-mail address:-

Lydiate – Yet another bad crash at accident black spot

The Liverpool Echo has the story – see link above

How many more serious accidents do there have to be at the junction of Mairscough Lane, Southport Road and Church Lane (by St. Thomas’ Church and just down the road from Church View Farm) in Lydiate before Sefton Council takes some action?

This latest one (on Wednesday evening) was an amazing escape for the car driver in particular but it could well have been so much worse. Indeed, there have been deaths at this infamous accident black spot and the crunches of car metal keep on coming.

Lydiate Parish Councillor Edie Pope outside her farm shop on Lydiate's Southport Road. The blind narrow bend where all the accidents happen is in the background.

Lydiate Parish Councillor Edie Pope outside her farm shop on Lydiate’s Southport Road. The blind narrow bend where all the accidents happen is in the background.

My good friend and fellow Lydiate Parish Councillor Edie Pope has long fought for improved safety here and she is back on the safety war path again following this latest accident.

My previous posting about the accident black spot of 9th May this year refers:-

Lower Alt Wind Turbines – West Lancs Council ducks making a decision

A brief report from Lydiate Parish Councillor Edie Pope who attended the meeting of West Lancashire Borough Council’s Planning Committee last night as it decided (or didn’t decided) on the application to build wind turbines between Ince Blundell and Lydiate.

Cllr. Edie Pope outside Lydiate Village Centre

Cllr. Edie Pope outside Lydiate Village Centre

* The decision to either grant or refuse the application was deferred until November.

* One councillor said it should be on low quality land not high grade agricultural. [My point all along. Ed]

* The committee saw four thousand geese arrive at gore house farm. They also said the people who were for the wind farm didn’t live around here, one councillor said it was their responsibility to maintain our farmland so put them in the Mersey.

* It was deferred because eight councillors said they needed longer to process 120 pages of information.

* Was it a party political decision? All eight sat together and seemed to be all Labour members?

* Coriolis had 10 months to submit their proposals [feels more like 10 years. Ed] they should have had everything together by now.

Lydiate – John Gore Charity

I mentioned this not so long ago and here’s a link to that previous posting:-

Things are moving on and last Tuesday night Lydiate Parish Council resolved to support a report, brought to it by Cllr. Edie Pope – a Trustee of the Gores Charity, for management of the charity moving to Community Foundations for Lancashire and Merseyside.

This organisation manages may other small local charities across the region and is a registered charity in its own right. It is regulated by the Charity Commission. The Parish Council did request however that oversight be retained by nominated Lydiate people.