John Pugh – ‘Mr Southport’ (with apologies to Lord Ronnie Fearn) adopted as Lib Dem candidate

My good friend John Pugh is now officially the Lib Dem candidate to be MP for Southport. See a report of his adoption meeting on Iain Brodie Browne’s Birkdale Focus web site via the link above.

Lord Ronnie Fearn, Baroness Shirley Williams, John Pugh MP & Anette Pugh

Lord Ronnie Fearn, Baroness Shirley Williams, John Pugh MP & Anette Pugh

John has served as the Town’s MP for quite a number of years and it is interesting to hear that many people who may hold differing political beliefs hold him in great regard.

In my view this is what an MP is meant to be i.e. someone respected by many across the political spectrum, but sadly there are not many of them about these days. Good luck John.

Sefton – Lib Dem Opposition Leader slams Sefton Local Plan

Sefton Council Lib Dem Opposition Group
Leader Cllr. Iain Brodie Browne
24th March 2015

Cllr. Iain Brodie Browne

Liberal Democrat Group response to Sefton Council’s Local Plan

For context and background information we attach our previous submission because much of what we said in it still applies.

MP’s raise concerns about Local Plan

Firstly, two of the Borough’s 3 MP’s have very clearly and publicly expressed great concerns about the Sefton Local Plan. John Pugh MP (Southport) has questioned the reliance of the Borough Council on consultants who have a foot in both camps i.e. developers/land owners and the Council. Bill Esterson MP (Sefton Central) has said the plan should go back to the drawing board because it has not been drawn up in a way that has engaged Sefton’s communities.

Lack of Sustainable Development

Since our previous submission there have been changes to the plan which in our view put the principle of sustainable development at huge risk. We say this as the Borough Council is now proposing to build more houses and in doing so use more Green Belt and high grade agricultural land to achieve this objective. We are far from convinced that a clear case has been made by the Borough Council to concrete over vast swathes of high grade agricultural land which is presently being used to grow our food on.

Threat to high grade agricultural land

Sefton is blessed with having a significant amount of some of the highest grade agricultural land in England yet this Local Plan is aiming to build on it. This is not environmentally sustainable development in our view.

Shaky and ever changing population projections

We continue to have grave doubts over the population projections that the Borough Council is using especially as Sefton’s population has been on a downward trend ever since the Borough was set up in 1974. What’s more the figures have changed with every iteration of the plan and the advice from consultants has changed with it.

Local Plan should have been a joint Plan with West Lancs Borough

We remain concerned at the lack of effective cross-boundary working with West Lancashire Borough Council. This is a matter that we have raised previously and the denials of Planning Officers have not reassured us. We have concluded that the Sefton Local Plan should have been pursued as joint plan with West Lancashire Borough Council as, we understand, has happened in other parts of England. Sefton has a massive boundary with West Lancashire Borough, very significantly greater than its boundaries with Liverpool or Knowsley. The Southport and Lydiate communities, for example, are surrounded by West Lancashire with only their southern boundaries being connected to the rest of the Borough of Sefton. The economic, housing, education, health and social needs of these communities are as much if not more connected to those of their neighbouring communities in West Lancashire as they are to those in Sefton/Merseyside. It is our contention that Sefton Council has failed to work in a progressive way with West Lancashire Borough Council and that it continues to adopt an inward looking Merseyside-centric approach which is to the disadvantage of its diverse communities.

No planning for Southport’s clear transportation needs to east and north of Town

Another concern that we have is so basic in terms of planning for the future of transportation to and from Southport as to beggar belief that it has not been picked up on. We refer to the significant rail and road problems that the Southport community faces to the east and north of the Town. Only recently Sefton Council was successful in pushing Merseytravel to include the Southport-Wigan-Manchester railway line in its Long Term Rail Strategy yet this Local Plan completely fails to address the implications of that positive move. Implications such as the requirement to build a new park and ride station on the outskirts of Southport so to make the line more attractive to Southport residents who work in Manchester. This is a very significant failure in the Plan and fuels our concerns that the development of the Plan has not been community based but imposed on the diverse communities of the Borough by a Bootle and Merseyside-centric Council.

But the concerns we express are larger than just rail related as Southport’s economy is significantly being held back by its access problems to the east and north of the Town. Road issues also need to be addressed and whilst the solutions are in West Lancashire Borough it is clearly the case that the Local Plan is just the place for Sefton to lay out its ambitions for solving these matters. Of course it also shows why the Local Plan should have been a joint one with West Lancs Borough.

If Sefton Council can see that road and rail improvements are required in Maghull (new station and improved M58 Motorway junction) why can’t it see and indeed make the case for such improvements to the road and rail connection to the east and north of Southport?

Maghull (New Town) – It’s far more than an urban extension!

Maghull and Lydiate are to see a huge amount of development via this Plan which is totally out with the housing needs of these two communities. Sites MN2.46/MN3.38 are to add a vast (New Town type) extension to the east of Maghull and this on some of the 2% highest grade agricultural land in England! We continue to argue that this is not environmentally sustainable development and that it is totally out of scale with the housing needs of this part of the Borough.

Lydiate too is to see significant development, again on high grade agricultural land and the semi-rural nature of this community is clearly being put at risk. There is every danger here that the scale of development will see the erosion of the Green Belt between Lydiate and Aughton Civil Parishes.

Housing need

We remain highly sceptical of the Councils view that large numbers of new houses are required and feel they have not produced robust evidence of such need. However, where Sefton does have a housing need is within the affordable/social housing sector and the plan does not indicate a sustainable way of providing such housing. Indeed, through drafts of the plan Sefton has backed away from targets for affordable housing.

Scrutiny Process

Sefton’s scrutiny process associated with the Local Plan was poor and the work that was done, especially that of Council’s Infrastructure Working Group, seems to have been all but ignored. This working Group raised many questions and concerns but as the Plan went through its final processes within the Council these significant issues were not addressed in a robust way and this leads us to conclude that the scrutiny of the Local Plan was unsound.

Our conclusion – Sefton’s Local Plan, not sound, not effective.

Sefton Council has done what it has been made to do to put a Local Plan together, but it has not done what it needed to do to put together a Local Plan that passes the test of soundness or that addresses the needs of its diverse communities. The Plan is remote and disconnected from the communities it seeks to plan the future of. The failure to work collaboratively with West Lancs Borough Council has been a huge opportunity missed and it means the Plan is not effective.

The Plan is imposed, has little no community support, it is unlikely to deliver the affordable housing that is required. Putting it bluntly it lacks ambition for the Borough and will not help it move forward economically, environmentally or socially.

Councillor Iain Brodie Browne


In advance of this evening’s Sefton Council budget meeting at Bootle Town Hall, Lib Dem leader councillor Iain Brodie Browne has given a warning that even bigger cuts in council spending could be in store if Labour were to win May’s General Election.

Just before Christmas, Ed Miliband announced that a Labour government would impose extra cuts of £2,000 million in central government funding to local councils.

Cllr. Iain Brodie Browne

“We’ve seen many example of Labour politicians on Sefton Council saying it’s all the Coalition Government’s fault that they are having to make cuts in local services,” commented Cllr Brodie Browne.

“Now we learn that Labour would cut even more if they were in power. It’s their hypocrisy that really gets me.”

In a little-reported speech delivered on 11 December, Ed Miliband set out his plans for balancing the books if he makes it into government. One key announcement was the result of the Labour Party’s so-called “Zero-Based Review”, a study by his shadow Treasury team into every single line of government spending. Part of the proposals, from the second year of a Labour government, would be to cut a further £500m annually in funding to local councils on account of so-called ‘efficiency savings’.

“Labour call them ‘efficiency savings’, but that’s just a way of dressing up real-terms additional cuts,” continued Cllr Brodie Browne.

“The problem is that councils are already starting to make efficiency savings through sharing back office services and similar, so you can’t make the same savings twice. That can only mean further cuts in local services under Labour.”

Sefton Council Local Plan – Opposition Leader says Labour Council Leader got his facts wrong

Cllr. Iain Brodie Browne

Cllr. Iain Brodie Browne, Leader of the opposition on Sefton Council, has been doing a bit of number crunching since Sefton Council’s Labour Leader, Peter Dowd, made some claims which Iain thought were erroneous at the last Council meeting about school places. Iain’s checks on one particular school in Southport seem to prove that he was right to be sceptical of the Labour Leader’s stats.

I am aware of others doing similar number crunching on school places following Cllr. Dowd’s speech which had quite a number of us scratching our heads about his claimed number of vacancies.

Labour-run Sefton Council wants to build thousands of houses on Green Belt and high grade agricultural land in Sefton Borough (including a vast ‘New Town’ bolted on to the east of Maghull’) and their Local Plan is the way they trying to do that.

You can read Iain’s blog posting on this matter via the link above.

John Pugh – Southport MP makes a powerful case for being straight with folk

Dr. John Pugh Lib Dem MP for Southport

Dr. John Pugh Lib Dem MP for Southport

My colleague Iain Brodie Browne has covered John Pugh’s recent speech in Parliament – see link above. It is well worth reading especially in times when the majority of us are concerned, no matter what our political leanings are, about those in power not being straight with folk. John sees through the fog of misinformation well.

Maghull TC – A world once dominated by men – thank goodness it’s changing

Some time ago my good friend Iain Brodie Browne took an in depth look at how many women had been MP or Mayor of Bootle and indeed how many women Labour had nominated to be Mayor of Sefton. The findings were deeply depressing.

Here is Iain’s article:-

And this got me thinking so I had a good look at the boards in the Council Chamber of Maghull Town Hall which record the past Chairman and Mayors of Maghull. I would add that Maghull was a Parish Council until 1974 and a Town Council from 1974. In its former guise it elected a Chairman (man being very much to the point) and in the latter a Mayor. Here are photo’s of the boards:-

The list of former Chairman

The list of former Chairman

The list of former Mayors

The list of former Mayors

Click on the photos to enlarge.

The rather too obvious conclusion from the first photo is that Maghull Parish Council did not have a woman Chairman at all from 1894, when Gladstone created Civil Parishes, until 1974. Not one woman amongst 20 men over 80 years!

The second photo is a considerable improvement, as there have been quite a few women who have been Mayor of Maghull. Indeed, there have be 40 former Mayors of Maghull and 13 have been women, 14 if you include the present Mayor.

The other noticeable change is that now the Mayors hold office and are noted on the boards per year. Previously Chairmen often held office for quite a number of years, hence only 20 Chairmen over an 80 year period.

Times they are a changing and very much for the better.