Library closures in Liverpool – Let’s hope those wanting to save them are given the chance to do so

Remember Sefton Council going through this process and how badly I said it treated volunteers wishing to take over College Road Library (Crosby) and Aintree Library?


The Liverpool Echo has the story (see link above) of how folks are trying to save Liverpool’s threatened libraries.

Sadly this placard could also read 'NO' to volunteers taking over Aintree Library!

Sadly this placard could also read ‘NO’ to volunteers taking over Aintree Library!

I hope Liverpool’s elected Mayor Joe Anderson has more confidence in volunteers wanting to take over libraries than Sefton Labour did when they dismissed the volunteer bids in an appalling way.

Liverpool City Region – Chucking Money away? It seems so!

This Liverpool Echo (see link above) story needs teasing out more but at face value Knowsley Council are in the dock for managing City Region money poorly and having to send it back. Knowsley blame Government but it is clear that Liverpool Council think Knowsley are the real problem!

Some Liverpool City Region leaders blame this farce on the dysfunctional way the city region authority is operating. Of course they are still smarting over not being able to come up with either a name for the joint authority or agree who should chair its meetings! No wonder things continue to be dysfunctional.

And how much did Sefton potentially lose out on from this investment stream?

But watch out Liverpool Labour want a ‘Metro-Mayor’ on the back of this i.e. a Mayor to run all of the City Region. No thanks Joe (Joe Anderson – Present elected Mayor of Liverpool) we don’t want you or anyone else running Sefton from Liverpool Town Hall.

Stop Trashing Lunt Village!

If there is one thing that gets me really angry it is those lazy beggars who dump rubbish wherever they please. Don’t you just wish the Council had the power to take what they have dumped and put it their front gardens to see how they would like it? Trouble is their neighbours would have to see it too.

Just look at these latest photos from around lovely rural Lunt Village which is regularly trashed by idiots who care nothing for our environment:-



In fact I took these photo’s today having been contacted by a resident of the Village. This happens time and time again and it is vital that we identify who is doing it. Some of it this time is household dumping whist some is clearly contractors rubble from work on a property.

Residents of Lunt do not deserve this fly-tipping (and I include the Leader of Sefton Council here) but some people must hate our environment so much that all they want to do is to trash it!

What is it with Bootle Labour’s control freaks?

Since Bootle Labour Party took control of Sefton Council (backed up by seemingly powerless Labour members from elsewhere in the Borough) their need to control just about everything has become more and more evident, indeed it seems to go to ludicrous extremes.

Take last Thursday’s Sefton Council meeting. There were 3 motions about health issues; all 3 should have gone through with all-party support but one was picked over and lambasted by Labour simply because it was from a Southport non-Labour councillor, or so it seems.

The motion all the fuss was about concerned dementia and had been put forward by Cllr. Pat Keith but at one point in the debate a Labour member called it ‘bogus’ and I rose to ask that this unfortunate remark be taken back and apologised for – sadly it was not! Frankly, there was no need for this Labour ‘big brother’ carry-on and it did make them look rather silly.

Contrast that with two other motions put forward by a Labour member on health issues (breast feeding and maternity care) where we opposition Lib Dems tried to support the thrust of Cllr. Killen’s motions without shouting her down simply because she is not of our political colour.

What’s more a further motion on the agenda, the text of which had been written by the charity Action Aid, was amended by Labour to include some child-like addition congratulating the Labour Party. I ask you………………..

Their Leader often talks about us all working together on Sefton Council yet Bootle Labour’s actions create exactly the opposite environment. Of course we Liberals and Social Democrats with the Lib Dems can get along with the Social Democrats within the Labour Party but we see very little of social democracy from Bootle Labour who run Sefton Council. It’s all old fashioned municipal socialism, old Labour barons and a hint now and again of what sounds like Militant rhetoric popping out in debate. They seem me to to be the kind of target that Labour Leaders like Neil Kinnock once had in their sights

You have to see the Bootle Labour Party in full flow to believe it all at times.

What Labour & land owners/developers have planned for Sefton’s East Parishes – Green Belt building on a massive scale – Posting 6 What it all means

My 5 previous recent postings on this subject have ranged across the East Parishes communities of Sefton and outlined the huge development plans that Labour-run Sefton Council and land owners/developers have in store for us.

Here I am looking at Green Belt & high grade agricultural land off Lambshear Lane in Lydiate which Labour-run Sefton Council is threatening to allow building upon.

Here I am looking at Green Belt & high grade agricultural land off Lambshear Lane in Lydiate which Labour-run Sefton Council is threatening to allow building upon.

Of course not all the proposals will go forward or see the light of day but some, as I have explained, have already been put in the draft Local Plan for the Borough which Labour councillors voted for unanimously on Sefton Council.

Of course Labour have been running with the hare and hounds throughout this process. They even started by proclaiming they were the party to protect the Green Belt from development! Yes, I know it sounds ludicrous now as they have actually been doing the opposite. Their latest tactic is to oppose the sites put forward by developers and land owners so they can look like they are fighting for the Green Belt but of course they are at the same time likely to approve building on other sites that they have picked to be concreted over.

Labour are of course entitled to their opinions but why on earth say they were going to fight for the Green Belt and then vote to build on it? That’s not honest politics. I wonder if there is an committed environmental campaigner amongst them? Have you heard a local Labour politician say they are going to try to defend high grade agricultural land from development and thought they meant it?

And yes housing is obviously needed and we environmental campaigners know that both within the Lib Dems and in the wider ‘green’ movement. That is why we have openly said sites such as Ashworth South should be developed for housing because whilst it is in Green Belt it has been built upon before.

But where to from here? More decisions will be taken in October and the Local Plan process will rumble on until it is finalised in April/May of 2015. Whether it be a good outcome for Sefton and and its environment I very much doubt. But will even more development be forced upon Sefton if Labour comes to power nationally? Probably yes, as Ed Miliband has been backing even higher house building targets. Will we manage to get high grade agricultural land protected from development. We can only try but how long it will take before the political classes in Westminster hear that penny drop?

If we can’t get up and fight for our environment what else will we fight for? I remain unashamedly an environmental campaigner who will defend Sefton’s high grade agricultural land from development. No apologies from me on that score.


Labour’s Bootle bust up – You could have put money on this after the comrades ditched Joe Benton MP

The Liverpool Echo has the story – see link above.

I have commented on this situation before because, as a Liberal, I am able to put political tribalism to one side and say what a good MP Joe Benton is and indeed will be until the next General Election. For Labour to stab him in the back says more about those that did it than Joe whom I have always had a huge amount of respect for.

Now the ferrets are fighting in the sack and let’s face it you really could have put money on this happening.

My previous posting said:-