Southport Hospital – It needs management stability

The Southport Visiter has the story – see link above

Above all else Southport hospital needs some stability after all the well documented senior management troubles of the recent past but clearly the Southport Visiter has its reservations.

With thanks to Roy Connell for the lead to this posting.

Southport – Says NO! to Mersey Mayor Madness

This blog site has carried articles before about the astonishingly poor 3rd rate devolution of power deal that Merseyside’s Labour council leaders negotiated with Tory Chancellor George Osborne. It was such a poor deal that it came nowhere near to that which Greater Manchester council leaders negotiated for their communities. The Merseyside deal is shockingly poor by comparison. Here’s how Southport’s leading councillors and it’s MP see the deal:-



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Southport & Ormskirk NHS Trust – Management suspensions

Community concern over NHS hospital bosses’ suspensions in Southport

Community representatives have expressed deep concern over the revelations of four senior NHS Trust managers being suspended at the Southport & Ormskirk NHS Trust. The suspensions have been linked by the NHS Trust Chair Sue Mussom to ‘whistleblowing’ within the hospitals.


Southport councillors’ health spokesperson, local Lib Dem Councillor Tony Dawson said:

“Suspensions to this extent in any part of the NHS are thankfully rare. They normally follow serious allegations which the Trust concerned has to deal with through proper procedures while those involved are kept out of the picture.”

“This has come at a difficult time for the Trust. The Clinical Commissioning Groups locally have just required them to bid to retain the Community Nursing contract and there is a major financial deficit to address.”

“I hope for an early conclusion to this matter for the sake of all concerned. Southport needs to retain good health services available at a local site. That requires a highly-focused team pulling together at all levels in the organisation.”

“The issue of ‘whistleblowing’ has been mentioned by the Trust. As a former NHS whistleblower myself, I recognise the importance of people being able to raise their concerns without improper backlash. Indeed, I referred a whistleblowing message to the hospital managers only last week and received a positive response.”

Iraq War report: Anger as Chilcot inquiry delayed until after general election – very convenient for some it would seem!

This is approaching a national scandal. We Lib Dems opposed the illegal war which Tories and Labour backed. Goodness knows how many thousands of people lost their lives via this Bush/Blair venture.

Coincidentally the Lib Dem group on Sefton Council had already put down the motion below for debate at tomorrow’s Sefton Council meeting before today’s kick into the long grass was announced.

Motion Submitted by Councillor Dawson

“This Council notes:
(i) the loyalty bravery and professionalism with which
troops recruited in the North West of England,
including the Metropolitan Borough of Sefton,
conducted themselves during the invasion and
occupation of Iraq.
(ii) widespread concern that the decision to embark upon
the Iraq invasion was made based upon false
premises and untrue propaganda fed to the British
people by representatives of the Government of the
(iii) that the Chilcot Inquiry into the events which led the
United Kingdom to embark upon the the invasion and
occupation of Iraq, is complete and has been shared,
months ago, with former Prime Ministers.
(iv) that the publication of the Chilcot report has
been delayed for many months, without excuse, which
is leading to widespread and profound belief by
ordinary members of the public that those who
supported that war on false premises are covering up
these matters.

The Council resolves to write to the Prime Minister,
expressing concern at the continuing delays in publication
and calling for an immediate publication of the Chilcot


The May General Election is the time when the public have their chance to hold politicians to account and the Chilcot Report may well lead to some holding to account being required. How convenient then that such holding to account will be on hold for another 5 years when memories have faded even more. I am appalled.

Media bias – You have to fight it or live with it as a Liberal

Media bias against Liberals has gone on for generations especially in the press; national certainly and locally too at times. The days of newspapers holding a Liberal line are long gone and it probably comes down to fact that journalists bringing their own political prejudices to the table as well as having to carry those of the paper’s owner. By the way I am not wishing to see a paper biased towards Liberal views as that would be replacing one prejudice with another; what I want to see is balanced reporting.

But then there’s the BBC, yes the BBC, because it seems to be at it too. On Friday 16th January Radio 4’s Any Questions is being broadcast from Greenbank High School in Southport and I have discovered that the programme has TWO well-known Tories and NO Lib Dem appearing.

My colleague and Southport Cllr. Tony Dawson says “This would be bad enough anywhere but in a town where 50 per cent voted Lib Dem at general election and 16 out of 21 councillors are Lib Dem it’s pathetic.”

For the record the advertised Tories are Anna Soubrey, Defence Minister and “Liverpool based textiles businessman Tony Caldeira.” who just happens to have been the Tory candidate in the Liverpool Mayor election.

You can bet that the BBC is getting complaints about this carry on!

Southport to London Trains – If only!


My good friend Cllr. Tony Dawson of Dukes ward in Southport sent me a copy of a railway timetable from 1966 which shows how well served Southport once was in terms of rail connections.

Cllr. Tony Dawson

Cllr. Tony Dawson

Of course it still has an excellent service to Liverpool but has sadly lost its line to Preston altogether. The line to the east from our local seaside resort goes to Manchester via Wigan and let’s face it it is a second rate service with second rate coaching stock.

John Pugh MP for Southport

Dr John Pugh, the MP for Southport, has been raising this matter very publicly and readers may recall his appearance on a TV programme in December 2012 about the poor quality of Pacer Trains used on the Southport – Wigan – Manchester line and indeed many other lines in the North West of England.