Brexit – The Tories look screwed whatever they do

I was interested to see this blog posting from someone who has a detailed understanding of how the far right operates:-

Whichever way you look at the Conservatives predicament they seem to be staring down both barrels of their own shotgun

My thanks to Bob Robinson for the lead to this posting

And I could not help but agree with this blog posting by Paul Bigland too:-

The Left – Every sect thinks it’s tribal way is the right way hence the Tories are in power more often than not

The left of British politics has always been factionalised with numerous socialist parties coming and going, the Labour Party often engaged in vicious internal warfare (as they are at present) and the Lib Dems, in recent years, having been pulled towards economic rather than social liberalism. Of course looking back a while the SDP also failed to ‘break the mould’ as it became split by the ‘Owen’ factor amongst other things.

The lack of unity on the left has always been a problem and our warped first past the post electoral system has also helped to put many Tory Governments in power who have nothing like majority popular support; just like the present one.

What beggars belief therefore is why when Labour have grabbed power for the odd short period they have not pursued electoral reform and a fair voting system. I suppose the last Labour government was too arrogant and thought their ‘New Labour’ guise would last and be popular for generations. Well it wasn’t so Labour went further to the right in opposition, even openly bashing the poor along the way. But as they became labeled Red Tories the electorate said stuff that we may as well have proper Tories.

The Lib Dems also discredited themselves by lying about Tuition Fees in 2010. Nick Clegg thought the electorate would forgive him. They didn’t. Indeed, because many of those who voted Lib Dem in 2010 thought he was a straight forward chap whom they could trust his backing out of a clear promise caused them to drop him and his party like a stone. They expected other parties to tell porkies but having been persuaded the Lib Dems were trustworthy they turned against them big time. Rebuilding that lack of trust in the Lib Dems is probably Tim Farron’s biggest challenge.

The Greens tried lurching to left after 2010 and were the most socialist of the mainstream parties at the last general election but of course this move set their traditional environmentalist sect against an upstart socialist sect. Socialism and environmentalism have never sat comfortably together in my experience. Socialists on Merseyside that I have come across have always seemed to be very much disinterested in environmental issues.

But within the left there is at the heart of so many of its difficulties one major factor that causes the disunity which the Tories always benefit from. Many left wing sects think they are absolutely right and all other left wing sects are utterly wrong. Such tribalism then sets these sects against each other and the Tories win again whilst the left debates, often viciously, who is right and who is wrong. In differing ways I think that the emergence of the SDP and the rise of Tony Blair were reactions to the self destructive nature of the left.

The SDP failed and despite huge initial success Blair’s New Labour failed because he wandered to far right, got involved in the appalling Iraq war and probably laid the foundations for Labour to be cat called ‘Red Tories’.

The real danger that the left faces now is that we could have a seriously right wing Tory Party in power for a generation with UKIP effectively pulling their levers. Is this not enough of a nightmare to sober up the left of British politics?

Conservative’s and Youtube

One of the problems that all politicians have to face these days is that what they said a few years ago, that contradicts what they are saying now, can cause embarrassment. It seems it is best to try to delete what was previously said.

The Guardian has the story – see link above.

Who reads national newspapers these days?

I ask as I don’t and probably haven’t for 15 years or more, what’s more many of the folks that I know don’t read them either. Gone are the days when your work colleagues would all walk in each morning carrying a national newspaper. Now the odd copy of the Metro is all that is likely to appear because Joe or Jane comes in on the train.

Yes, we all notice some of those who are retired nipping out for their daily choice of biased news from whichever red top suits their prejudices each day. But do people under the age of 55 bother to gain news from such sources any more especially as it is filtered and spiced up to suit the perceived leanings of each publication’s target audiences?

Which begs the question why do TV news and current affairs programmes seem so keen to do reviews of what national newspapers are saying, usually with the help of a celeb’, politician or indeed a journalist. Sky News and BBC News 24 love to fill the space between their endless repetition of daily news events with such reviews but a programme like Andrew Marr’s on a Sunday morning very much leads on what the press think and what others think about what the press thinks.

You get the impression that newspaper reviews simply fill TV voids these days as most of us get our news via the www’s. I can’t imagine buying a newspaper now except if I am going on a long rail journey, for example, and need something to read.

So do TV programmes review newspapers simply because they always have done, because it fills a void or, in the case of commercial TV, because they want to highlight a newspaper that is part of their company stable?

Conservatives trash recycling

Please have a look at the posting on the above blogspot for Meols ward Lib Dems.

What on earth is Pickles up to? We have been fighting to get kerbside/ doorstep cardboard and plastic bottle recycling introduced across the whole of Sefton for a long, long time!

Lib Dem Lydiate Parish Cllr. Robbie Fenton campaigns for plastic bottle and cardboard recycling

Lib Dem Lydiate Parish Cllr. Robbie Fenton campaigns for plastic bottle and cardboard recycling