Lower Alt Wind Farm – A Lydiate resident challenges Coriolis Energy

I am publishing here the response of a Lydiate resident to the Coriolis Energy newsletter that has recently been posted to many properties in the Lydiate, Ince Blundell West Lancashire area


Dear Sirs,

I refer to your notification of the public exhibitions, received yesterday by post, and advise the following.

Given the notice period of your exhibitions is less than 10 days, and that the notice and exhibition dates are within the normal UK school summer holidays, you have purposefully excluded a large percentage of the local community. The attendance at the exhibitions will be smaller than would be if proper notice and appropriate exhibition dates were adopted.

Your notice of the exhibition, and the dates of the exhibition, ought to be changed to more reasonable periods and times respectively, to allow appropriate access by the local community to the same.

Furthermore the questions noted in the feedback return that you have posed are inappropriate and ought to be amended. It is of no relevance to whether local residences are in favour of renewable energy, and in particular wind energy, as it does not give any reference to why your proposals are not suitable to the Lower Alt site. The questions are, at best, misleading but also creative of a divisive response. This is not appropriate in obtaining genuine and unbiased comments, and any conclusions will therefore be debatable and not supportive of any future proposals.

Your proposals can only be properly commented on once reasonable opportunities have been made to review your proposals and, being denied reasonable access to your exhibitions, it is unlikely that this will happen. This might well be your agenda, given the current political position on wind farms, and this will be taken into account in future debate.

Can you, as agents acting on behalf of all parties to your proposals noted in your notification, please advise if the tenants of Leverhulme Estates, that have lease arrangements to farming land that is within the demise area of your proposals, will be completely free to put forward their own objections to your proposals, and will not suffer punishment from Leverhulme Estates if they do. It is of great concern that the tenants might be in fear of voicing their opinions and we would like to reassure them, as I am sure you will also, that they will not suffer any detrimental backlash from their landlord should they also put forward objections to your proposals in the future.

Yours faithfully,

Name and address supplied