Maghull in Bloom – Volunteer task force hits Meadows

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No sooner had I posted about the volunteers of Maghull in Bloom taking over the plant maintenance in the courtyard between Meadows Leisure Centre and Maghull Town Hall – my previous post refers at:-

than a task force of over a dozen volunteers, which Sheila and I had been drafted into, descended on the area and within a couple of hours it was looking much better.

The photo above is a ‘before’ shot and I need to gain an ‘after’ shot as quite a few of the dead plants have now been removed and the weeds tackled.

Here are the happy bunch after the session:-

In Bloomers at Meadows Leisure Centre 10 15

Maghull – Meadows courtyard in volunteers sights

The courtyard that was created when Maghull’s Meadows Leisure Centre was constructed behind Maghull Town Hall is rather nice although sadly only rarely used. Here are 3 photos:-

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When the Leisure Centre was built after 20 or more years of campaigning, which had the privilege to lead, the idea was that the Town Hall (run by Maghull Town Council) and Meadows Leisure Centre would be jointly run but from the public’s perception it would be a seamless joined up indoor Leisure facility. Sadly that vision has yet to be realised and the two buildings, despite being connected at both levels, often have the feel of being awkward neighbours – engaged but not willing to set the date you might say.

One thing that I thought was very clear from day one was that Maghull Town Council would do all the grounds maintenance work around the Leisure Centre, after all it is their land that is leased to Sefton Council for Meadows and its car park. But for reasons unknown this plan never really came together and the planting in the courtyard is, you could say, a victim of this lack of clarity.

Yes Sefton Council’s staff have had the odd prod at maintaining it but it clearly needs a little more attention than that. Step in Maghull in Bloom Volunteers who have agreed to try to look after the area on behalf of Sefton or is Maghull Town Council? Well whomever it is behalf of the work of the volunteers has already started.

The day I took these photos in September it was a delightful place to sit with a cup of coffee yet the door to it from Meadows is rarely if ever opened, even on nice days. I do hope Sefton Council gives some consideration to welcoming Leisure Centre and Town Hall users to visit it after all that’s what it was created for.