Power of Church blocks progress – St. Mary’s Crosby


I must admit to being sad but not necessarily surprised by this turn of events. The BBC web site has the story.

Not having a religion means I may be accused of being biased but I genuinely felt that the Free School move by St. Mary’s was right and progressive. Sadly, progressive seems not to be on the agenda of the religious leaders who have the final say.

Maghull/Aintree Green Belt attack comes in from Peel Holdings


The Crosby Herald has the story – see link above.

Most of the land around the communities of Lydiate, Maghull, Aintree and Melling (known as the East Parishes part of Sefton Borough), that is undeveloped, is high grade agricultural land and most of it is under attack to be developed by land owners, developers, land banks etc.

Now Peel Holdings whats to develop land between Maghull and Aintree as a ‘Strategic Employment Location’. If memory serves me correctly this is a similar area of land to that which was previously put forward as an alternative site for the hugely controversial TESCO mega rebuild of Kirkby Town Centre.

Would any high grade agricultural land be left in Sefton if the developers and land owners got their way? Whats the point of having employment sites for future generations when there will be nowhere for those future generations to grow their food?

Interestingly, and on a more positive note, the same Crosby Herald article says that Peel Holdings share the concerns of Sefton Lib Dems about the need to develop the railway line into the docks as an alternative to more road building through Bootle.

St Mary’s Crosby – It could well be Sefton’s second Free School

The Crosby Herald has the story:-


Following hard on the heels of The Hawthorne’s in Bootle, Crosby’s St. Mary’s School looks set to become the second Free School in the Borough. And two schools from more differing communities you would go a long way to find despite them being only a couple of miles apart as the crow fly’s.


And I wonder how Labour will react? In favour, against, both at the same time? Well you never know because as I have said before they really can’t make up their minds up about Free Schools. You can almost see the two positions with Social Democrats within Labour liking this Liberal and indeed liberal education approach, whilst socialists say no we can’t control it, we only want education run by the state.

SAVE OUR GREEN BELT – Sefton Labour are up for even more building on Green Belt – Crosby Herald has the story


I said only a couple of days ago what Labour were up to and the evidence is now very clear indeed as the Labour Leader of Sefton has confirmed it to the Crosby Herald newspaper.

Our Green belt is without doubt in for a hammering under Labour.

I also wonder if this could also be one in the eye for the MP for Sefton Central from the Labour Group on the Borough Council?