Liverpool – Oops you can’t do this on a Listed Building without consent!

Ceiling of banqueting suite Cunard Building, Liverpool

The Liverpool Echo has the story on its Twitter page – see link above

You have to laugh as Liverpool City Council are (like all other local authorities) the people whose job it is to regulate what can and can’t be done on a Listed Building! The Cunard Building is Grade II* Listed. They need ‘Listed Building Consent’ from er, Liverpool City Council’s Planning Dept. but because they did not apply for it the banner has to come down.

You could not make this up………

Cruise Liner Terminal plan sinks

The BBC has the story – see link above – and I was struck by these words from Mayor Joe Anderson:-

A particular difficulty would have been creating a secure passage for passengers between the terminal and the embarking point.

From first hearing of this plan that particular problem was to my mind the one that was most difficult to solve and clearly to solve it would have cost many £M’s . Could it be that the original purchase of the Cunard Building was done in haste?